Day 287: I’m a Mountain Lion! Edition

So today was another exciting day here in Tallahassee. You know: hot, humid, and waiting for October. Today was also my first day at the FSU News and Research Communications office. I’m their newest intern and so far it’s been awesome. (It also helps that I get to work with my broette, the Wolf herself, Andrea!) Anyways, it was also day 2 of Insanity… but more about that in a bit.

Breakfast: I had a bowl of Kashi which finished the box :(. To the store I go!







Lunch: At work, I went to a luncheon for the Communicators of FSU. It was really awesome getting an inside look of FSU. I had a great turkey sandwich with some almonds, carrots and a banana. I didn’t finish the almonds or the banana so I ate those after I got off of work.






Pre-workout Snack: I had some Quaker Oatmeal squares which are also awesome!







SAWS!!!: So today was day 2 of Insanity and it was ridiculous.  This picture was of me just after the warm up. It was rough but I felt great after! Today was a lot of jumping and cardio. At one point there were mountain climbers which was a combo of high knees and grabbing the sky as if you are trying to get the second coming to happen. The second time around, I yelled “IM A MOUNTAIN LION!!!” and went after it. Not sure why I said, it just felt right at the time. Anyways, I’m sore but surviving. Can’t wait for tomorrow!







Post Workout: After drinking up half of Lake Superior, I had some of Megan’s awesome quinoa with half a 100 calorie pack of wholly guacamole. It was fantastic. I also had a banana.






Dinner: Veggie pasta was on the menu tonight, but both of us were jonesin’ for some protein so we went to Publix and grabbed some steaks. I cut that piece in half and ate it and then demolished that baked potato with broccoli and cheese with some bacon. It was an epic dinner.






Dessert: We went to TCBY for dessert and it was epic as well. Up until that point I was only at 1500 calories and I know froyo wasn’t that bad.

So today it went well with food and had a killer workout. Now what’s even more exciting… WORDLESS WEDNESDAY!!!! See ya tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Day 287: I’m a Mountain Lion! Edition

  1. Thank you so much Carissa!!! How’d your first weigh in go? If you have any questions or need to vent lol let me know!

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