Day 291: Saturday… Yeah, I Suck At Blogging

Yeah… well… this is awkward…

I could make up excuses like an owl picked up my laptop and put it in his nest and just now brought it down to me or that a komono dragon ate it whole. Instead I think the truth will suffice. It was a combination of me just started a new job this week and being really busy in the evenings. Overall though, this week has been really good on food and I worked out all but two days, both of which were because I didn’t get home until late, etc. Anyways, let’s do this.

Breakfast: It was one of those get up late, listen to the rain and just chill mornings. I just had a waffle with pb and a cup of coffee. Oh yeah, and about 100 pages of Harry Potter. I can’t see HP 7.2 until I finish the books so I’m so close yet so far from the awesomeness.









Lunch: So I had the last of the Southwest Quinoa Awesomeness, but instead of hot I had it cold like a salad. It was fantastic, especially with have a 100 calorie pack of Wholly Guacamole. Again, in a word: Epicness.






SAWS!!!: We got back on the Insanity wagon today. Today was suppose to be a recovery day from two days of cardio craziness. It was a lot of stretching and yoga so my glutes feel… glutastic. There was a lot of sweating and a lot of stretching. Good times.

Dinner: Tonight, Megan made this chicken madras and it was awesome. Enough said. After dinner, we went to our friend K.D.’s birthday party and they had more Indian food so it was a continuation of deliciousness.

So today went well and we will just see how tomorrow goes. I’m hoping the combination of eating more (but healthy) and an intense workout regiment will help break though the plateau. Here’s hoping. See ya tomorrow.

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