Day 296: Farting Friday

Why Hello!

Sorry for the no-post last night. Forgive me?

So my mom, dad and sis got in to Tallahassee last night and tomorrow we are on going to be on the way to Disney!!! Today, we gave them the tour dejour of Tallahassee (showing them my new office at FSU and meeting The Wolf, eating, going the most ghetto Walmart in the nation, then eating again.) It’s been an awesome day.

Breakfast: I got to sleep in (score) so I just had a bowl of Kashi Awesomeness. Hooray!

Lunch: My dad’s favorite place in Tallahassee is Monk’s so we went there for their famous burgers. I had the Veggie burger with sweet potato fries and then we all shared the artichoke dip. I only had half of the burger and the fries and I was pretty full. It’s nice to be full but not stuffed. So awesome.






Dinner: For dinner, we went to the swashbuckling depths of Barnacle Bill’s. Generally, non-fried seafood is pretty healthy so I had the Alaskan crab legs with new potatoes, a salad with a raspberry vinaigrette and I steered clear of the butter. Awesomeness.

So today I was pretty good. Every time I’ve gone to Disney I’ve lost weight (last time we walked a total of 30 miles) but since my parents are going, we are going to eat really well so I’m just going to watch what I eat and then share with Megan on some meals. Luckily, the hotel has wifi so expect some awesome vlogs, pics and other awesomeness. See ya tomorrow.


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