Day 304: Disney Recap Yo!

I’M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did you miss me? Because oh me oh my did I miss y’all!!! It was a crazy week of vacationing awesomeness involving many miles walked, mounds of delicious food consumed and plenty of annoyed tourists. My family and us had a blast hanging out again and I miss them already. When Megan and I go to Disney, we usually don’t eat at too many of the restaurants, but since we were with my family we ate at all the awesome places. We also snacked a lot this trip as well which was good, but it meant that we needed to watch how much we ate.

Anyways, one advantage of Disney is you get your steps in. We walked 54.24 miles this week which was mostly done in flip flops (bad idea) and in high humidity (also a bad idea) so it didn’t quite offset our calories, but it helped I think. I’ll put up the pics on Wordless Wednesday so get stoked for that!

Breakfast: I had a waffle with some peanut butter and then we went over to my parent’s hotel and had some pretty good oatmeal. (Well… good for a hotel.)







Lunch: Before my parents headed out of town, we decided to hit up Jimmy Jonh’s for some subtastic awesomeness. I had the Beach Club which had turkey, sprouts, avocado spread (is that the same as guacamole?), and other great veggies. I should have held the mayo, but I forgot. Oops.






Dinner: We were planning on eating chili for dinner, but then were invited to Sonny’s for dinner. I had the Big Salad (yes… that’s what it’s called) with chargrilled chicken. I was going to have ranch dressing but Megan didn’t like her honey mustard so I traded with her. It was better on my salad so it worked out. I really liked the crasins with candied pecans on it. So awesome.


So today was a pretty good food day. I don’t know how weigh in day will go. I’m not going to lie, I did overindulge a lot on this trip, but we will just see how it goes. See ya tomorrow.


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