Day 306: Moooooooonday


Today was the first day of getting back on the bandwagon… again and I think it went really well. When I first went in to this weight loss ordeal, I thought “I’ll never fall off, I’ll never fall off, I’ll never fall off” but you can’t go in with that mindset. Now, I’m in the mindset of Chumbawamba: “I get knocked down, but I get up again, you never gonna keep me down!” The secret to the success of weight loss is sheer perseverance and a tenacity to keep your chin up (out of the plate of the chocolate covered french fries) even when you don’t want to get off the couch to go work out or when that second piece of cheesecake is calling your name. Anyways, food time.

Breakfast: I had a fantastic wafflewich with a beautifully delicious cup of coffee. What an awesome breakfast! (Seriously, if you haven’t tried to make one, do it tomorrow!)







Lunch: Before I went to work, Megan and I went over to Jimmy John’s for lunch. I had the Beach Club with half the mayo. It was as awesome as always.

Snack: Before I went to work out I had a Clif Bar. So good.

SAWS!!! After work, Megan and I went over to Leach for some SAWS Awesomeness. I did a few arm exercises and then did a 30 minute fat burn program on the elliptical. I burned around 500 calories today. I can’t wait to work out tomorrow! MEOW!






Dinner: Tonight, I had the urge to fire up the grill so we made some turkey burgers! I took the recipe from the WW cookbook, it’s a classic. Megan also made some sweet potatoes slices. We also used onion bagels for the buns. Pretty awesome.

Snack: Megan popped some popcorn on the element. Have you ever tried that? Sooooo good.

So today was a step in the right direction. I’m going to keep it up! See ya tomorrow.



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