Day 312: A Weigh In Wasssup


(Yes, this is 1998)

How are you? I know it’s been a while since we’ve talked and for that I apologize I suck. So I was secretly hoping that this was the week that I broke the 100 pound mark. Sadly, I didn’t make it, but I got closer than I have ever been! This week I lost 2.2 pounds which is soooo close! As of know I have lost a total of 97.4 pounds since September of last year, not too shabby I guess. Anyways, I have finally broke in to the 250’s! Barely, but still pretty cool.

Breakfast: I just had a bowl of Kashi Awesomeness. A classic.

Lunch: After church a bunch of us went over to Momo’s for pizza the size of a European country. Since there were so many of us, they set up a buffet for us so it was $7 which included drinks and a tip. Pretty awesome. I held myself to four slices of pizza: a slice of pepperoni, a slice of bacon and two slices of cheese with mushroom. I did splurge a little, but as you’ll see from the rest of the post.

Snack: I had a small cookie that the awesome Emily Ward made last night. So good.




Dinner: I just had some leftover veggie spaghetti. Not too bad, but not super filling.

Snack: I had a frozen banana. Sweet action.

So it was a pretty good day, but I’m still pretty hungry. I’m not sure what I’ll do about that, but it will probably involve fruit or something low cal. I had an issue with counting calories last week so I’m going to work on that. Also, Leach is going to be closed for two weeks (so lame!!!!) so I’m going to pick back up on Insanity tomorrow, pending on whether my calf isn’t still cramped up. (My calf has been cramped up since basketball in the sauna known as Florida yesterday.) So I’m only 2.6 pounds away… time to drop some weight. Like. A. Boss. See ya tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Day 312: A Weigh In Wasssup

  1. I need to get started, but eating out local (after rough practice sessions…) doesn’t help the count. I just noticed you didn’t post it anymore and was wondering if you had stopped or switched to the new points system or something

  2. Are you icing your calf at least twice a day? Take some advil and keep icing should be better by tomorrow. Hope you feel better!

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