Day 313: Monday!

No case of the Mondays for this kid…

So today was the day of getting back on track… again and I think it went pretty well! My issue is that I will weigh myself on Thursday, and then screw myself over for the rest of the week because I will either be content and then splurge or then not eat enough. So instead of setting myself up for a metal block like that this week (2.6 away…) I gave myself a reminder that a midweek weigh in is going to be a no-no. So we will see how that goes.

Breakfast: I just had two waffles with some peanut butter. I was going to bring a snack to work, but I forgot it so I was starving!!! No bueno. 5.5 points






Lunch: Since we were having to run for some errands around town, we went over to Mellow Mushroom. I had a slice of cheese with sun-dried tomatoes and a tossed salad with their awesome esperanza house dressing. I know I know, two days of delicious pizza? I have such a hard life. Anyways, lunch was 8 points. The dressing was more calories than the slice alone, so I’ll have to try something different next time. It was pretty awesome all over though!

Snack: I had a Nature Valley Granola bar pack for 4 points while reading Harry Potter. So close!!!!








Dinner: We were in a bit of a rush, so I had a Cafe Steamers at home. A steady of frozen foods is not ideal, but meals like that are nice to have around the house to avoid eating out. Anyways, I had the Sesame Chicken which was good, but even better with a little mustard. Yumtastic. I also had a banana baby. 8 points.








Snack: We went with our friends the Wards and our friend Andrea the Wolf to go see Crazy, Stupid, Love (which was awesome) and then we went for some fro yo at Nuberri. They had this awesome swirl of cake batter and cookies n’ cream which was soooooo delicious. It was a pretty awesome treat, but no more dessert for a while. 6ish points.

So today I got to about 31.5 points which will work. As you can see, I’m back to counting points, but I’m still trying to figure out what works best for me. Anyways, I didn’t work out because I calf was still strained, but it is feeling a little so I might do something light tomorrow and then get back in to Insanity on Wednesday. I don’t know, we’ll just see. See ya tomorrow.


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