Day 314: Tuesday!

What is up my dear reader!?! Thanks for being awesome and take the time to read about what I eat every day and for your awesome support. I couldn’t have done it without you! Now, where was I?

Breakfast: I had some Kashi Awesomeness for breakfast. Nothing too exciting, but delicious nonetheless. 4 points

Lunch: Today was the Communicators’ Network luncheon at FSU so I brought my lunch. I had ham sandwich with some Baked Lays chips (which are meh) and a Nature Valley granola bar. It was a pretty awesome lunch! 9 points






Snacks: After work, I had some dried multigrain cheerios and then a little later, while we were out and shopping for stuff including a new bow tie (I’ll premier the one I bought today tomorrow on Wordless Wednesday!) I had a Clif Bar. (Sorry for sentencesaurus right then. I type out my sentences like I’m talking which results in run-on craziness.) A total of 7 points.







Dinner: For dinner, Megan made the fantastically awesome Uncle Jim’s Famous Veggie Chili. As always, it was delicious. The first bowl was over some instant brown rice and then the second bowl was over tortilla chips. Pretty awesome. 9 points

Dessert: Instead of having something chocolatey for dessert, I had some cherries for dessert. It was a nice change of dessert. I didn’t feel like I overdid it. I also had a cup of orange juice for 2 points. 

So I got to 31 points so a point over isn’t too bad. I was going to work out today but I ran out of time so I’m going to work double tomorrow.


EXCITING NEWS YO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It is my pleasure to announce that I have created my own Facebook site for my alias The Fotographing Fat Kid. This site will not only be a place for all things FFK, but it will also be a place for tips on healthy living, eating, and how to be overall awesome. If you haven’t already, head on over there and Like my page if you’ll be so kind! See ya tomorrow.


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