Day 316: Thursday Stuff

What it is yo?

Today, it’s been kind of hard not to jump on the scale and see where I’m at. Thursday is usually my day to take a sneak peak, but my trusty post-it note that said “DON’T STEP ON ME!” kept me at bay. The power of the post-it notes people, the power of post-it notes.

Breakfast: I went with the classic Wafflewich for breakfast. I was going to make bacon and eggs, but I just ran out of time. (Am I the only one where time speeds up 10x faster? So much fun!)

Snack: I was starving at work so I had a Nature Valley granola bar. Awesome as always.




Lunch: After work, Megan and I went over to Tijuana Flats since we had a BOGO coupon. It’s been a long time since we had been there so it was good to go back. They have a light option menu so I had the under 500 calorie chargrilled chicken burrito. We also got an order of chips and salsa (mine wasn’t suppose to come with chips but they gave me some anyway. Holla!) and it was the size of a bag of chips so we used them for dinner. For dessert I had some cherries.

SAWS!!!: I am back on the Insanity wagon since Leach is closed and today was a doozey! I did the Plyometric Cardio Circuit today. I think it’s my least favorite one (who am I kidding? I hate all of them.) but that’s probably because it pushes me the hardest. I’m not going to lie and say Insanity is easy, but man do I feel awesome after I’m done which makes it all totally worth it!


Dinner: I had a taco salad with leftover taco meat from last night, chips from lunch and some guacamole. It was freakin’ fantastic! There is nothing like eating a healthy and hearty dinner after a hard workout.

So today was a pretty good. I feel great, and I’m pumped to get through the rest of the week. See ya tomorrow.

(P.S. Have you checked out my Fotographing Fat Kid Facebook site?)


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