Day 317: Friday Funstuff!

It’s Friday, and that’s awesome. That’s all that needs to be said.

Breakfast: I went to work a little later so I actually had time to make some breakfast. I made a Denver-like omelet sandwich. It was really just a fried egg, two slices of ham and some cheese on two pieces of toast. So awesome. I also had some spicy ketchup for dipping. Again, so awesome.






Lunch: I didn’t get to have lunch until around 1:30 (I was super starving with a capital famished) but I had a sandwich, some cocoa dusted almonds and a banana. It was pretty awesome. Sack lunches FTW!






SAWS!!! I was going to do Insanity in the morning, but sleeping is way more enticing (as it always is) so I went straight to it after I got off work. Today was cardio recovery which sounds not as bad (which is what I thought) but it was more like super yoga. Stretching is so painful sometimes, and today was one of them. It felt good to get deep in to those stretches though. It’s one of those things if you just stick with the painful stretch a little past the pain, it feels fantastic!!! And as you can see, I was sweaty. SAWS!







Dinner: Megan made this awesome curry chicken with basmati rice. It was fantastic. It was probably the best Indian whatever it was (I think it was curry but I’m not sure.) I have ever had.






Dessert: Tonight we had a dessert and coffee night with the young professionals from our church. Everyone brought delicious awesome treats including a cookie cake from Great American Cookie that had the word “legit” frosted across it. Luckily, our great friend Sharon brought some fruit (she asked if that counted as a dessert and I was like TOTALLY!) so that really helped me with all the sweets. I did steal some caramel corn and these low fat cranberry bars Megan had made, but overall I held my own.

So today wasn’t that bad. It helps when you have a goal in mind for your weigh to keep on track. I’m shooting for an awesome Saturday. See ya tomorrow.


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