Day 318: Saturday Sustenance

I’ve been chomping at the bit to weigh tomorrow. I’m so anxious to see how it will go. Overall this week I’ve done really well: I worked out, I limited my portions and I’ve drank my water. What else more can I do? I’m not expecting to get past 100 pounds this week, I mean, 2.6 pounds is quite a bit even for me, so we will just see what happens. I do, however, keep reminding myself that there’s no money riding on it, I won’t get sent home, or anything else like that. If not this week, then next week, we will just see what happens (he said while crossing all his fingers and toes.)

Breakfast: On Saturday mornings, I like to make a big breakfast. It was a tradition my parents always did and I definitely want to keep it going. Anyways, I made eggs, bacon and toast. A while back, we bought this delicious organic berry jam from Earth Fare so I finally tried it and it was awesome on the toast. A pretty standard, yet filling, breakfast.






Lunch: We weren’t sure what to do about lunch, but we finally decided on Pita Pit since it’s kind of close to our house. I had the Chicken Crave (chicken with ham, how much better can it get? Seriously.) with spinach, onions, tomatoes, sprouts, cucumbers, provolone and tzatziki sauce in a wheat pita. It was pretty epic and I was really full by the time I was done.

SAWS!!!: There was a girl who was moving in to a new apartment in Tallahassee that needed help moving so we went over there to help her out. Luckily, she only lived on the second floor so there was only one flight of stairs, albeit rather narrow. So between half a hour of heavy lifting and the Amazonian climate of Tallahassee, I got my sweat in today. After we helped her move, I got some kombucha (this fermented tea that’s suppose to be really good for you and is freakin’ delicious) from Earth Fare.

Dinner: Earlier this morning, we went to the Tallahassee farmer’s market downtown. When it comes to veggies, we always go this sweet old couple who have the best veggies and jams ever. We bought 5 tomatoes, 2 zuchinis, 5 yellow squash, a red and a green pepper, and about 10 red potatoes for $12.50. Not bad for some of the best veggies I’ve ever had (especially the red pepper.) We also bought some of their canned pepper jelly which is fantastic. Anyways, we Megan made an awesome dinner with roasted veggies, her lite mashed potatoes, and chicken. It was a fantastic dinner, plain and simple.


Dessert: We went and saw the movie “The Tree of Life” (which is a completely awesome mind blow) but we got over to the movie too early so we went to Fuzions, a froyo place that we had actually never been to before. We randomly saw our friend Sarah at the theater so she joined us as well! Anyways, the froyo is not as creamy as other places, but they did have some decadent toppings like cut up cheesecake slices and raw cookie dough. I went the healthier route and had taro with strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries. It was nice to do a lighter option for a change. I really need to get back in to doing that.







Evening Snacking: After the movie, our friends the Wises, who we went with to see the movie, hadn’t eaten dinner so we joined them at Five Guys to discuss what the crap “The Tree of Life” was about. Anyways, I just had a Diet Coke with their complimentary peanuts. I put a few in my drink like I used to do. I don’t know if it’s just a Texas thing, but growing up, I would always have peanuts in my Coke. It’s the original meal replacement drink. So anyways, I don’t know why I decided to but it was pretty good.

So today I was really good.  I think I was around 1500 calories for the day which isn’t too bad at all. Like I said earlier, I just don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow with Senor Scale, but I do know this: I will survive, the weight will come off, and I have a crapton of support from readers like you. See ya tomorrow.



A while back, I submitted my weight loss/complete life change story to Earth Fare for their “Be Inspired” section. It was selected and they sent me a $50 gift card and yesterday, the post finally made it to the site! I was so surprised to see it on there and it felt awesome. You should go check it out!


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