Day 319: WEIGH IN DAY!!!

So today is weigh in day…Has the suspense been killing you?

I did what I could this week and I had a goal in mind. Now what? IT MADE ALL THE DIFFERENCE!!! This week, I didn’t just meet my goal weight, I FREAKIN’ BLEW IT OUT TO THE WATER!!! I have officially joined the Century Club and boy does it feel fantastic! It took me a total of 48 weeks to do it, which included many highs and many lows, but with the support of my family, my church family, my awesome friends, random friends who I frankly did think would even care, strangers on the Internet, my beautiful wife who bought the scale when I didn’t want her to, and my faith in God, I have made it more that half way through my weight loss journey. Thank you thank you thank you all so much for your caring words, wall posts, accountability, and giving me advice all along the way. The race is not finished however, there is still a lot of progress to be made. Thankfully, God has blessed me with you dear reader and the support you bring, along with the tenacity to keep it going even when those chocolate covered pork rinds look good. I love every single one of you, thank you.




So anyways, I lost a total of 3.8 pounds this week which was a shock to me frankly. When I went to bed last night, I really hadn’t a clue about how it was going to go. At this point, I have lost a total of 101.2 pounds. (It was really weird to write that one in front of those numbers.) Like I said earlier, I’m less than 100 pounds away from my goal. I want to get down to 157ish, but we will see when I get closer where I’ll be. Wherever I end up I do know this, no matter how skinny I end up being, I will never abuse my body with food and that I’m going to be active for as long as my body will hold out. Get stoked.




Breakfast: I just had a wafflewich without the bananas which was delicious. Yumtastic!

Lunch: After church, we went over to Qdobas with some people from church since we had a BOGO coupon. Holla! I had the Craft 2 which is two entrees for pretty cheap. I had the Naked Burrito and the nachos. It was pretty delicious.






Non-Scale Victory: So the deal was when I broke 100 pounds, I was going to buy new work out clothes. Luckily, I broke it on the weekend of Tax Free Weekend in Florida! Anyways, I bought a new pair of Under Armour shorts, an UA compression shirt and this awesome workout shirt made by the brand Thrive. Don’t worry, pics to come (like tomorrow. Get ready for awesomeness.)








Dinner: For dinner, I just had a beach club at Jimmy John’s. Awesome as always.

So today was pretty good with food and tomorrow I’ll get back at Insanity. I’m ready to lose some more! See ya tomorrow.



10 thoughts on “Day 319: WEIGH IN DAY!!!

  1. That’s awesome! I don’t ever comment, but I am a faithful reader and am super impressed with you guys 🙂

  2. Way to go Nathan!! Very proud of you — diligent, focused and now celebrating with new workout clothes!!! I love this! Bob and Lisa Land

  3. Freaking amazing. It’s so good to see someone actually carry out and accomplish their goals.
    I’m not going to recognize you when I see you next.

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