Day 321: The Days After Awesomeness

Well… this is awkward.

Sorry for being a jerk and having such an epic post on Sunday and then not following up on Monday. I’ve been reading the last Harry Potter and I finally finished it yesterday (I read for 4 hours straight) so we could go see the movie. Megan and I made a date out of so we went to Andrew’s 228 downtown (Groupon FTW) and then went to a 10:00 showing so by the time I got home it was way past my bedtime (hooray for being old!) Anyways, but it was great to go out and just celebrate how bless we have been this past year. Alright, back to food stuffs.

Breakfast: I had two waffles with pb. Why mess up a good thing?

Lunch: I was working through lunch today so I ate a desk. I had a turkey sandwich with some cocoa almonds and oatmeal squares (separate, they are awesome. Together, they are epic.) Then I had a Kashi Peanutty Chocolate bar for dessert. Pretty awesome.

Dinner: We went to dinner with our campus minister and good friend Adam to Jimmy John’s for some sub awesomeness. I introduced him to my favorite sub, the Beach Club. It was awesome as always.






Victory: So word on the street is that I have officially lost 100 pounds (holla!) and it’s been making wonder how I could visualize that not for the blog but for myself. Right now, it still doesn’t feel like it has actually happened. So when we were grocery shopping at Publix, I found this huge 20 pound bag of rice and I picked it up. I have lost 5 bags this size off of my body in under a year and really by just tweaking my lifestyle. Do I not eat as much fast food burgers? No. Do I miss it? NO! Do I dread going to the gym? Sometimes. Do I feel awesome after I make myself go? HECK FREAKIN’ YEAH! It hasn’t been a cake walk (because if there was a pathway made of cake involved I would have ate it) but it’s something totally doable and even if you just want to look good in that mankini you have hidden in your closet, you will never regret it. And this is what I leave you with for this post. Whatever goal you have in mind, create a plan to achieve that goal and conquer it! See ya tomorrow.

P.S. There will be a Wordless Wednesday video tomorrow. Get stoked.


2 thoughts on “Day 321: The Days After Awesomeness

  1. That is so awesome, and I just had a dark chocolate peanut kashi bar! LOL! Congrats on your journey so far! I wholeheartedly agree with everything you said about your journey. It’s doable, you just need the passion and you obviously have it!

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