Day 323: Thursday Day

What is up G?

So today was pretty good on all levels, yet it was one of those days that went on forever. That’s just how it goes. Anyways….

Breakfast: Before I went to work, Megan and I decided to go to Jim and Milt’s for some breakfast. They have a really cheap breakfast for $2.50  so we both had that along with some bacon. It was pretty fantastic. The eggs were cooked perfectly, the toast was magical along with the bacon, and the grits were good for being grits.

Snack: I had a Nature Valley bar pack. Pretty awesome stuff.





Lunch: After work, we decided to go over to Publix and got a mojo rotisserie chicken. It had a cajun seasoning rubbed all over and it was so juicy!!! Megan cut up some one of the breasts and we put it on a salad. We cut up a tomato that we got from the farmer’s market last weekend and then for a dressing we put a little olive oil and some of this new organic balsamic vinegar we got at Earth Fare. It was so delicious! To make it even better, we had some cherries for dessert.






SAWS!!!: So this was my new workout shirt and shorts that I got for my 100 pound victory. Insanity was really rough today because it was two workout sessions, Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs. The Pure Cardio session was 36 minutes and the Cardio Abs was only 18 minutes (I say only lightly.) It was the first time I had Cardio Abs and it delivered on it’s promise that I would never want to eat junk food again. It was mostly done in a plank position and in a situp-like position, however there were no situps or pushups in this part. I actually sweated through two shirts during this session today, both got to the point where they were just sopping wet. Anyways, to recuperate, I had a banana, some peanut butter and a waffle. It was the perfect after workout snack. SAWS!!!!!



Dinner: With the other bit of the white meat left on the rotisserie chicken, we cut it up and made chicken tacos of awesomeness. Like I said last night on the vlog, Mexican food has been a weakness because of sides like sour cream and guacamole. Today, I just put a little sour cream on there with a little guacamole. It was pretty awesome and super filling.








Dessert: After dinner, we went to TCBY for some froyo magic. One of the awesome flavors they have this week was root beer and it tasted exactly like a root beer float. It was pretty awesome. I did add some toppings, but I kept them in check.

So today wasn’t too bad like I said, but after the workout, my body felt just awesome. It’s such a great feeling when you can tell your body is happy with you. See ya tomorrow.






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