Day 324: Friday Stuff

Why yes, I am blogging on Friday! Awesome sauce.

Today was pretty awesome! Work was good (did I mention I love my internship at FSU?) and it was a blast cleaning out my closet. But we will get to that in a bit.

Breakfast: Megan does wonders with a crockpot, and this is one of those fantastic things. She made this awesome steel cut oats oatmeal with apples, cinnamon and some honey. It was so filling and just plain awesome.

Snack: While I was at work I had a Nature Valley bar. Classic.








Lunch: After work, Megan and I went with our friend Catherine (check out here epically awesome Youtube channel) to this awesome hole-in-the-wall place in Frenchtown called the 501 Cafe. It’s this unassuming brick building with bars on the windows, but on the inside it is decked out with Goodwill swag along with vintage FSU memorabilia. Megan and I both had the curried chicken sandwich. It was literally the best, most unique, sandwich my stomach has ever met. It was shredded chicken, curry powder, braised almonds, and raisins. I know you might think that the raisins sounded gross, but they were like a rug, they really held the sandwich together. (Big Lebowski? Any one?)

Anyways, for dessert the sandwich came with a bite size brownie. It was two bites, but two bites of deliciousness. Catherine, I owe you one for showing me this place.



NSV: So as you can imagine, I have a crapton of clothes that are way too big for my itty-bitty frame. Even though I was a biggin, I still had decent taste in clothing (a lot of Polo and dress shirts.) So I’m going to sell a lot of my clothes on eBay because they are beyond alteration (my wedding suit is a size 60, but I’m still hoping to alter it someday.) Anyways, it really helped me appreciate how far I have come along not just since last September when my change began, but since High School. I had dress shirts from h.s. that were sized 20 and pants sized 54’s. Back then, I dreamed of one day that I would lose the weight, I secretly knew/hoped it would, and it finally has. Pretty awesome stuff.


Dinner: For dinner, we went out to dinner with our brosky Daniel for his birthday. Megan and I got the chicken tacos, but we skipped on the sour cream and the guacamole and neither of us really missed it! They were really filling and between them and the free chips and salsa, we ate really well for under $8. Pretty awesome dinner.






Coffee: Megan was in a “coffee mood” so Daniel suggested Red Eye in midtown. We had never been there, but recently I’ve been disenchanted Starbucks so this might be my new place. I had a non-fat chai latte. It was the best chai latte I have ever had, really sweet and really flavorful. Pretty awesome stuff.

So today wasn’t terrible, I haven’t been really keeping up with my calories which makes me a little concerned about the scale on Sunday, but we will just see how it goes. See ya tomorrow.



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