Day 325: Saturday Silliness!

Sup my sassy-saucy-sillies!?! (If you keep reading after such a weird salutation, I will be impressed. The rest doesn’t suck. I promise.)

Just another Saturday in the Dirty South…

Breakfast: I had some Nutty Nuggets (the Publix brand Grape Nuts) and they are good and definitely better than the WalMart version. Anyways, they are pretty filling and pretty yummy.

SAWS!!!: This morning, we helped our friend Danny move in to his apartment. It wasn’t bad since there were so many people helping out, but we still did our share. SAWS!!!

Lunch: It was time of the week where you have to raid the leftovers in the fridge. I had some roast beef with some of the rotisserie chicken from the other day. It was a hodgepodge of protein, but it was pretty good!






Dinner: So tonight, we went to our friend Daniel’s actual birthday dinner at this Chinese Super Buffet. Growing up, Chinese Buffets were the epicenter of my developing obesity. I remember back in 5th grade going back for seconds and thirds of massive plates. Today was the first time I have gone to a Chinese all you can eat buffet since I started my weight loss journey and even though I have changed revolutionized my eating habits, I was still nervous about how it was going to go. Would old habits come back? Would the aroma of General Tso’s chicken lead me like a siren in to the rocks? Sometimes you just get worried about stuff like that. Anyways, so I asked the Twitter masses for help and y’all came through! I had about 3/4 cup of rice a lot of broccoli, some dumplings, some veggies and a little chicken. I decided to grab another plate and filled it up with watermelon, cantaloupe and oranges. That really filled me up, but for dessert I enjoyed myself. I had a scoop of some cookies n’ cream, a wonton with honey and my favorite thing in the universe: canned biscuits with sugar on them. Compared to any time I have been to a Chinese buffet, this was definitely the most successful.

I know a lot of people that say “man, losing weight is hard and I just like bad food too much.” While I agree losing weight is no picnic and some bad foods are amazing, the key to successful weight loss takes a concerted effort to look beyond the immediate “need” and remembering the greater goal. Of course, life happens where the only thing that will cheer you up is some ice cream or you go to a restaurant that is not weight loss friendly; but when you can overcome the binge eating mindset and reduce the portion sizes even when it is not cost efficient, nothing can stop you. See ya tomorrow.








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