Day 326: Weigh In Time!

So last week, I celebrated a monumental occasion in my weight loss journey with losing 100 pounds. This week, I had let a lot of things slide, thinking that I could do it on my own. For some reason, I thought that the weight loss training wheels were off and so I didn’t worry about counting points or calories. I thought that listening to my body was going to be enough, but it’s a hard thing to do when you eat out 8 times in a week. It was just a week of social eating and I absolutely blame no one for that but myself for not being more careful. Granted, I still did awesome at the Chinese buffet last night, but I should have been better the rest of the week. This week I gained 1.6 pounds which means I am out of the 100 pounds club for now. I’ve been pretty bummed about it all day, but really I’m kind of glad it happened because it has really humbled me. I haven’t been coasting as of late, but I sure as heck haven’t been focusing like I should be. Last week though showed that when I really focus I can still have an almost 4 pound loss in a week even after almost a year. So I know I’ve had a lot of wake up calls like this, but this is a big one. This week, we really can’t afford to eat out a lot (so that kind of works out) so Megan has a super awesome menu lined up for the week, I’m going to do Insanity every day along with two days of racquetball thrown in there and I’m sure other fun things will pop up along the way. The fire I had for losing weight is back and I can’t wait to shed some pounds this week LIKE A BOSS!!!

Breakfast: I just had some Nutty Nuggets for breakfast which was only 4 points. Megan brought cookies to church and I had a few so through out the day I ate 3 points of cookies.

Lunch: So I know I just spent an entire paragraph talking about being back on the wagon and then you’ll see this meal and you’ll be like SAY WHAT!?! but we knew this was going to be a super caloric meal (it is a Rachel Ray recipe after all) (please don’t sue me Rachel Ray) but we had to try it. Megan found this awesome looking recipe for a jalapeno popper waffle so we gave it a shot. Basically, it was a waffle stuffed with cream cheese, cheddar and a cut up jalapeno. The recipe also suggested to serve it with an egg on top of it to enhance the awesomeness. So one waffle is 8 points alone and I had two with an egg so lunch was 18 points which is really high, but it was like the best comfort food I have ever had. I think next time, I’ll just have one waffle, an egg and then some bacon which would only make it 12 points which would be good for brunch.

Snacks for the day: I had 1 point of almonds and a 1 point banana. Hooray.

Dinner: We had some chicken and rice while watching Kill Bill Vol. 1 (one of my favorite movies ever.) It was pretty good! Dinner was 6 points so not too bad.

So today might seem pretty bad but I only went over 3 points! A 33 point day is not bad considering the Waffle of Awesomeness. With all the exercising I’m going to do this week, it’s going to be important to eat all my points and even some weekly points to save my body from going in to starvation mode. This week is going to rock. Get stoked dear readers. Prepare for awesomeness. Thanks for reading. I love you all and you smell nice. See ya tomorrow.


One thought on “Day 326: Weigh In Time!

  1. Oh Nathan I know that humbling feeling well. But finding a new balance is always going to be hard, because you honestly have to leave some of those temptations behind for good to make a permanent change. One day you won’t have to get back on the wagon, but will just leave the wagon once and a while and promptly get back on, because it will be your new home. I know somedays it feels like all you think about is food, and I kept thinking how stupid it was that my life was run by food. Trust me, one day you will wake up and realize your life doesn’t revolve around what you’ll be eating, but rather how you’ll be living life to the fullest, and that’s when you know (at least for that day) you’ve found balance. Keep up your hard work and don’t give up!

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