Day 327: Monday Wagon Riding

Luckily, I started writing this during halftime of Monday Night Football. A man has his priorities.

Today was just a crazy day of craziness which usually entails a lot of snacking and binge eating. I was able to hold my ground today to maintain the momentum from last night. It was good to reexamine where I am in my weight loss journey. My struggle with food will always be there. It’s not like smoking where there is a patch to ease you off (what would a weight loss patch have in it? Olive oil? Splenda? Some of Jenny Craig’s Tears? Hmmmm) and eventually you are done with it. Eating is something you have to do everyday to survive so it’s an issue you face every meal. I’m not saying that if I stopped counting I would go off the deep end and end back up where I started, but that’s because I have this community that wouldn’t let me, but you can look back in my posts and the weigh in that week directly correlates with how I did with food and exercise that week. So anyways, today was a struggle emotionally, but I didn’t let my emotions bleed in to my eating habits, because gorging myself with food to feel good is no longer apart of me. The old me’s dead and gone… dead and gone. (TI is legit.)

Alright, where was I…

Breakfast: So this morning was a bit nutzo, but I was still able to have an awesome breakfast. I made a pb and banana toast sandwich with bread from Publix that doesn’t have an expiration date on it. (The mold growing inside the bag looked up at me and said it was okay to eat.) Breakfast was a filling and delicious 4 points.

Lunch? I had to run errands during a lunch break that I actually work during and since I hadn’t packed a lunch this morning (super fail on this schmucks part) I had a Nature Valley bar and a Diet Coke from the Circle K by campus. Plus I got to see my friend Lindsey so that was an added bonus. Anyways, it held off the hunger demons for a while until I could get off work. 4 points.








Snack: After I got home from work, I had a cup of mutligrain cheerios. They really tied me over. 2 points.









Dinner: So for the rest of the day when I was doing stuff around the house, all I could smell was the bean soup cooking in the kitchen and it was driving me crazy! So when it was done, we consumed, and it was good. 1/2 cup was only 2 points and so were the cornbread muffins so I had 18 points worth of dinner which sounds like alot (which it is) but considering I had only had 10 points up until that point, I was pretty hungry. It was a super awesome filling dinner.





SAWS! Today, we got back in to Insanity and it was a blast! (No! Really!) I did the Fit Test today and I did better on some, but stayed the same on other exercises. Megan thinks that it might be focusing more on form than the first day. I felt like I should have pushed myself a little more, but I still sweated like crazy. I’m going to go super SAWSIAN (the SAWS version of super sayian) tomorrow which is going to be rough. Hooray. 6 exercise points

After SAWS Snacking: I had a Clif Bar after my workout, and it was filling, but I need something to munch without the calories. Megan made some stove popped popcorn without any salt and it was the perfect snack where it feels like you’re eating something like chips while you’re eating something healthier instead. 8 points total.

So today I got to 36 points which means I ate my exercise points which will work of me. See ya tomorrow.


One thought on “Day 327: Monday Wagon Riding

  1. Great post, your writing just get better and better! What would such a patch be made of.? Regardless it would have to be put somewhere where the person could not easily reach and eat it.

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