Day 333: Weigh In G Skillet!

Why Hello!

I know I know, no post on Saturday? I’m such a jerk. You know you still love me… right (please don’t leave me. I’m needy.)

So this past week I really put a focus of kick starting good habits before life gets insane again and it has made a big difference. I’m in a better mind set of looking towards the future and how making the right choices now will benefit tomorrow. This week I lost 2.6 pounds! I am officially back in the 100 pounds club and that is where I’m going to stay! I am officially down 102.2 pounds at at 254.8 pounds. (254 is my old area code. Shout out to the Hilltop what what!) Tonight, my friend David said that I have almost lost him which really blew my mind away. I have almost lost an adult male. This is craziness. This week, I’m going to shoot for 252. I think if I keep my mind on a figure, it will help me make good decisions in the week. Game time yo’s!

Breakfast: One thing I have been doing is eating a big breakfast so I won’t be starving during the rest of the day. This morning was no exception. Last week, we finally used the waffle iron we got for our wedding so I decided to make some waffles this morning with bacon and eggs. It was pretty epic. I eventually turned it in to a sandwich and the Fotographing Fat Kid said “nom nom nom nom” (Translation: “it was good.”)








Lunch: After church, we went to Momo’s with some friends for church. Like the last time we went, they set up a buffet (aka, two ginormous pizzas) for us. I held myself to two slices (which were the size of Roman city-states) of bacon and of pepperoni. It was pretty awesome. I wasn’t really hungry until about an hour ago.






Dinner: For small group tonight, our friend Ana made an epic lasagna for everyone, but we had to go so we took a piece home. After the last bite, I realized I hadn’t taken a picture of it. Fail. Regardless, it was pretty awesome so thank you Ana. Anyways, I also made a salad for dinner with some spinach, a little cheese, turkey, and a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I can’t wait to try that again with a hard boiled egg which would be an omelet salad?

Dessert: I had a little (a scoop) slow churned chocolate chip cookie dough that’s half the fat of regular ice cream but with all the awesome taste.

So today I did alright and tomorrow I will be back in the throws of it so to speak. School starts tomorrow, so the temptation of grazing at home will be lessened which will be awesome. I’m also ready to start back up Insanity tomorrow. It should be epically awesome. See ya tomorrow.


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