Day 334: Grad School Craziness All Over Again

It feels like the summer went on for eons…

Our noses are officially back to the grindstone… and my face has already been smoothed out. With the combination of my internship, classes, and my TA work (what I like to call: the trifecta of craptasticness) I’m trying to establish good habits now so I can succeed in both my school journey and my weight loss journey. I was a little overwhelmed today thinking about everything that is ahead this semester, but I keep telling myself to just take it one step at a time. Either way, I still feel blessed to even have an internship, a TA position and classes to go to so I want to make everything I do count. Game time.

Breakfast: (Do you like my awkward/constipated grad school game face? I thought you would.) This morning, I just had two servings of Nutty Nuggets which really got me through the day. I thick breakfast like that really stave’s off the 10:00 am hunger pains. 8 points.







Lunch: This year, I’m going to have to bring my lunch the majority of the time so that will help with my lunch options. This will mean lower point and healthier lunch options. I had a turkey sandwich on this awesome Publix brand shredded wheat multigrain bread. I had carrots, but I was in a Bugs Bunny mood so I had my grapes and my Clif Bar. 7 point lunch.







Snacking: When I got home, I snacked like stoner. I had baked cheetos with ketchup and pretzels with mustard. Yes, I’m a weirdo. 7 points of random snacking.







Dinner: For dinner I made some Uncle Jim’s Vegetarian Chili with brown rice. It made my day. Some meals just makes life better and that’s one of them. I only ate one serving and I was stuffed. 9 points of hearty goodness.









Dessert: There was a dollar of froyo at TCBY so we went over there for a study break (yes, we already have homework.) I didn’t have much tonight and I felt fine after so that was good. About 4 points.

So today I got to 35 points which is high but it is what it is. I should have just cut out the cheetos which were 4 points but sometimes something like that just sounds good. I didn’t exercise which sucks so I’m going to rectify that. My schedule is bonkers so if I don’t make time for it, it’s not going to happen. Once I get in to a rhythm, life will be better. See ya tomorrow.

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