Day 335 Tuesday Grad School Stuff

Has a day ever slapped you in the face? Today was like that and I’m pooped with a capital poo poo.

Breakfast: I had 8 points of grape nuts. Yumness.

Lunch: While I was working on homework (yes I already have homework) I had some lunch. I just had a turkey sandwich with some grapes. Hooray for a 3 points lunch.







Snacking: life was crazy between class and work so I had a clif bar and a Nature Valley pack. Not too shabby 8 points.









Dinner: I had 11 points of leftover chili. It was awesome as always. For dessert I had some Quaker chocolate rice snacks for 2 points.

So I got to about 32 points which isn’t bad at all. I am exhausted so my desire to work out is lacking. I’m going to have more time tomorrow so I’ll make up for it tomorrow. Wordless Wednesday. Huzzah. See you tomorrow.


One thought on “Day 335 Tuesday Grad School Stuff

  1. Since School started my workout has totally lacked. Working full time and doing two grad classes even distance ed is way harder than I imagined. I made chili for this week too. Something simple and easy so I wouldn’t have to worry about lunches!

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