Day 338: Friday Filthiness!

This is a dirty blog.

(Wait, no it isn’t!)

Who am I? Why am I here?

(I’ve lost my mind… grad school does that to a person.)

Breakfast: So I don’t have classes or work on Friday and Megan had some stuff to do on campus, so we decided to go to Jim and Milt’s for some celebratory breakfast (celebratory meaning we are glad to be alive.) Anyways, I had the cheap special of wheat toast, two eggs over easy and three strips of bacon. I tried to put hot sauce and even ketchup on the grits to try to like it but they just weren’t doing it for me so I didn’t eat them. I was a pretty good breakfast, but I knew the bacon wasn’t the best for me when I got the bacon sweats later that morning (thank goodness there weren’t a pack of dogs or starving freshmen who have only eaten ramen so far to trace my scent.)


Lunch: I wasn’t starving by lunch time since breakfast was so epic, so I made myself a spinach salad with some turkey slices, a hard boiled egg, a little EVOO, balsamic vinegar and a little cheese. I also had an orange. It was a light, but super filling lunch.

SAWS!!! This afternoon, I went and played racquetball with my friend Jonathan. He and his wife Mary just moved to Tallahassee for grad school and one of the first conversations was about racquetball so it was a match made is SAWS Heaven. Anyways, we played six intense games and I was pooped. It so felt awesome to workout and to sweat out the stress from the week. SAWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






Post Workout Snack: After racquetball, I was flippin’ starving so I came home and made a wafflewich of awesomeness. It had been a while since I’d had one so it was deliciously awesome to be reunited and it taste so good. Boom. Delicious.









Dinner: We had some leftover spaghetti (oh yeah… we had spaghetti last night, which you would have know about if I didn’t suck and not blog yesterday. Sorry I stuff at suck at stuff.)









Dessert: So we were going to see Kung Fu Panda 2 tonight with some people but that got nixed and we eventually ended up at Yogurt Mountain (via Panera Bread to which I had coffee.) Anyways, our friends Jonathan, Mary, Jacob, Daniel and Leah all went to Yogurt Mountain for some froyo magic. I had some cookie n’ cream, with some pralines froyo. I had some pretty awesome toppings too. Legit.

So today was pretty awesome. The lunch was good and the workout was better! Tomorrow is the first day of FSU football and I’m soooooo stoked. It’s going to rock. Full recap to follow. See ya tomorrow.


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