Day 339: College Football Awesomeness Edition

Today was the awesomeness known as the first Saturday of college football. To say I was stoked to watch my beloved Noles start their journey towards a national championship run is an understatement. We will get to that here in a bit.

Breakfast: I started the day with some grape nuts to fill me up. They were legit as always.
















Tailgating Time: We had a few friends tailgating today so we made the rounds. Our friend Dani had some Popeye’s chicken (it’s evidently a NOLA tailgate tradition) so I had a piece. It was delicious. Then we went and met our friends Andrea, Lisa and Jacob who were tailgating with some folks who were hardcore (they had a TV, a Fry Daddy, the works.) I had a piece of catfish, a hotdog and some of Jacob’s lovely pasta salad.





After the Game: After we came home for the routing, I had an orange and some cherries. So awesome.









Dinner: We decided to go to Genghis Grill since we had a coupon and we knew we could make a few meals out of it. Our awesome friend Becky gave us a tip about getting the to-go box  as soon as you get your meal so we did that tonight. It makes such a difference to get the extra food out of sight out of mind. Tonight, I actually had more in my box than in my bowl. I don’t know how I used to eat a whole bowl in one sitting. I can’t wait to eat the leftovers!

So today I did pretty well, eat a few fried things, but made up for it by running up the bleachers at Doak and sweating like crazy. It’s been a crazy week with school starting so we will just see how it goes. I’m hoping for 252, but we shall see how it goes. See ya tomorrow.




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