Day 340: Weigh In Labor Day Edition!

What up yoz!!!

You best be up reading my blog BECAUSE IT’S LABOR DAY TOMORROW!!! A day to celebrate the Puritans killing all the dinosaurs by forcing them off Plymouth Rock with Moonraker Lasers.

This week, I didn’t really count my points out like I should have, but I did eat healthy lunches pretty much every day and worked out a few times. It was a week that really could have gone either way. Luckily, I did alright. I lost exactly one pound! I’ll take it. I’m down to 253.8 so I’m going to work to get in to the 240’s by the end of the month which is really not out of the realm of possibility. (NSV: I just realized I wrote the 240’s and it made me happy giddy.) So far I have lost 103.2 pounds!!! or to quote my friend Jacob, it’s like losing two giant bags of dog food off of my body. So far so awesome, and the fun has just begun.

Breakfast: I had the good ol’ bowl of grape nuts to keep me full (and consequently: regular.)

Lunch: We had leftovers from Genghis last night so we did that for lunch. I actually had more for lunch today than last night so it was pretty awesome.  It also helped that I had spicy mustard at home which is my favorite Chinese condiment in the world. (Soy Sauce is for communists… just saying.)






Snack: While I was trying to read the worst textbook ever written, I had some pretzels. Sadly, the pretzels did not grant me the academic clarity I was looking for.

















Dinner: Earth Fare had an awesome coupon for $2 off steak so we got a pound of sirloin for dinner. Megan cooked up some wild rice we bought a while back (also from EF) and then we bought some broccoli and cheese packets that are like a point a serving (score!) The steaks turned out really well and everything rocked as well. Pretty awesome dinner that was only $5 a person for an 8 oz steak with fixins. (And you say you can eat well for cheap.)

Dessert: During small groups, our friend Crystal made those awesome no bake/haystack “cookies” and I splurged and had like 4 of them. I know I know… bad llama. I had to eat them because the cookies told me if I didn’t they would multiply and take over the world, forcing mankind to serve the queen haystack that would reside in Glenn Close’s left nostril. (What the crap am I talking about?) In summation: oops.

So today I did alright, but nothing special. I at least at well on a meh day like this. It sucks when you don’t do well and it was because you ate random stuff that wasn’t substantial. Anyways, so next Monday (not tomorrow) will be my year anniversary of the diet. I can’t believe how much has changed in a year, but we will talk about that later. See ya tomorrow.



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