Day 341 Labor Day Edition!

(I know yesterday was Weigh In Labor Day Edition, but this is the actual Labor Day Edition)

Today was a day of much needed rest but turned in to rest with stress of the week starting back up (you know how it goes.) I really only have a three day work week (if I get everything done I need to get done by Friday) so I will survive. Anyways, just to preface today, I didn’t do great on my foodage. I kind of did the same thing on Memorial Day where I enjoyed the three day weekend and then really stayed tight the rest of the week. From this point on (after I finish my deep fried sandwich full of smoked sausage, gravy and obese children’s tears) I will stay good to drop those pounds! Alright, here we go…

Breakfast: We went on a breakfast odyssey this morning in hopes to find some delicious brunch. We went to three places that were either full or not open and then we came across Tally’s Grill in the ritzy part of town. It is a little eatery inside a strip mall that you can tell is going to be awesome from the moment you walk in. I went with the pancake breakfast which had two eggs and corned beef hash. I had never had hash but they made me a believer! Overall, the food was good, but my coffee cup was empty for the majority of the meal (which is a big no no for me) and it was a bit pricey. Sometimes though the food makes up from the service and I think it was one of those times.


Snack: With a ginormous breakfast like that, I wasn’t even hungry for lunch, but I knew an afternoon snack would suffice. After brunch, we headed up to Thomasville, GA for the afternoon. We knew a lot of the town would be closed, but we had heard it was a beautiful town so we made the short trip up there. (Fun fact: the most northern point of Tallahassee is only 7 minutes away from the Georgia border. Trust me, we timed it.) Anyways, there were a few antique shops open along with this awesome coffee shop called Grassroots Coffee which is right in the gorgeous downtown square. We decided to split an 8 cup press pot and a chocolate chunk cookie. It was amazing and really cheap (like the price of the frou frou drink I get at Starbucks cheap.) We shall return to Thomasville and all of it’s awesomeness.






Dinner: Tonight, we decided to make super awesome burgers for dinner. They. Were. Epic. I made them with ground chuck from Earth Fare with some of my secret spices and then schlacked them with some of this awesome cheddar which was also from Earth Fare. Megan made some of the awesome baked fries out of the WW cookbook and some caramelized onions. Needless to say, they were awesome and delicious… and unhealthy.



Dessert: I had some Edy’s 1/2 fat ice cream and it was epic.

So today was bad, but luckily (kind of) it’s going to be a “if you don’t plan your meals out you will not eat” kind of week. Not to mention there will be some SAWS thrown in there as well. This week is 252 or bust. Game time. See ya tomorrow.


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