Day 342: Tuesday Blog.

This is going to be a quick blog because I have too much other stuff to do that isn’t as fun as blogging. (Also, somehow I deleted PowerPoint off of my computer. What the crap.)

Breakfast: We had little to no time this morning so I just had two waffles (no peanut butter) and a cup of coffee. Yum. 3 points

Lunch: Lunches suck on TR’s because I have to eat lunch around 10:50-11. So I had my sandwich with some carrots and some pretzels. Luckily, it was gorgeous outside which made my day much better. 5 point lunch






Dinner: Needless to say, by dinner time I was starving. I decided to call Jimmy Johns for delivery since I didn’t have many options (you know, time stuff) and it made life bearable. I had the 11 point Beach Club with no mayo. Pretty awesome stuff.For dessert I had a 3 point rice krispy bar and a 2 point bowl of cheerios. Today I only got to 24 points. I guess I’ll eat something else even though I’m not really hungry. I don’t know. (Sorry if this has been a Debbie Downer of a post, Tuesday will always suck for me.) See ya tomorrow.



One thought on “Day 342: Tuesday Blog.

  1. Cheer up son you did great and I’m betting that wednesday will be swell! Still so very proud of you. As the YP Keith says, “Keep on keeping on” (which I think he got from a 70s disco song)

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