Day 344: Thursday Time!

What is up yo!

Yesterday was crazy, along with the rest of the week, but today seemed to tie the week together. I know I have been posting crazy statuses about school and reading (and the fun has just begun) but I’m finally getting back in the swing of things. Since this week has been particularly nuts, we really haven’t made a lot of meals so eating out has been an unfortunate necessity. Also, I haven’t made the time to workout, except for that awesome run yesterday, but I’m going to finish the week out strong. Anyways, we will see how the rest of the week will go. Either way, what I do know is that I will still be better than where I was exactly this time last year, when I was 357 pounds, a 54 inch waist, and sweating when I walked up the stairs.

Breakfast: I just had a wafflewich without the banana. It was delicious. 5.5 points

Lunch: I had a little time between classes so I went to the Union and ate at Pollo Tropical, my favorite place on campus. I had this chicken avocado club wrap. It was cheap, and pretty good, but it was not that big. (Also, when I was waiting in line for my food, when my number was called, the Fraternity tool took my food. Weak sauce future congressmen.) Anyways, I couldn’t find the points online because it was a new product. Lame to the max. I’m going to keep looking.

Snack: I had a Nature Valley bar for an afternoon snack. Awesome. 4 points.






Dinner: In between studying, Megan and I went to Pizza Hut for so a little date. (It feels like we haven’t seen each other at all this week, because… we haven’t.) I made a pretty epic salad, so epic that I didn’t have much room for pizza. I only had two slices so with those and the salad toppings, dinner was about a 16 point dinner.



Coffee Break: It was a frigid 75 degrees outside, so it was time for the first low fat pumpkin spice latte! It was awesome as always. 5 points

So today I got to at least 30.5 points but I will keep looking for lunch. Even though I didn’t workout, I have been doing a lot across campus because it’s been so beautiful outside. Not exactly the most amount of exercise, but it’s exercise nonetheless. See ya tomorrow.




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