Day 346: 10k Awesomeness Edition!

What’s going on yo!

I think today was the best way to spend a Saturday. There’s nothing like a good run, some good food and a little football to finish off the week. It was a pretty crazy week full of school and other fun stuff so a little time to do what I want was nice. Fun stuff.

Breakfast: I decided to make a big breakfast because that’s what you do on Saturdays. I made a waffle with an egg and some bacon. It was pretty epic and delicious. That’s all that needs to be said on the subject. Deliciousness FTW.









Run of Craziness: Have you ever gotten up and thought “hey! I should go run a 10k”? Yeah, me neither. For some reason, I got this urge to go for a run. I used to love to run, but I haven’t made time for it lately so I’m going to get back in to it. Anyways, I had mapped out a route on my iPhone that was about 3.1 miles so I was going to run to that point and then run back. For some stupid reason, when you figure out a route in maps with the pedestrian setting, it still doesn’t account for the lack of sidewalks and straight drop offs on the side of the road. So I was following this trail full of really steep hills until I got to where the sidewalk ended, I said “well crap” turned around, and kept running up and down the crazy hills of Tallahassee. By around mile 4, I entered the “bargaining stage” and told myself “I could just call it good. No one would blame me, I gave it a try.” That’s been my issue all my life, I’ve been running it at half-speed and people (but mostly myself) are just happy with trying. I needed to finish this run more than I knew, because when I finished, I really felt like I had given it everything I had. I stopped once to shoo away this giant poodle that was following me, but I kept my feet moving the whole time. Anyways, my time was not too shabby considering all the steep hills (my mantra during the run was “Why are there so many hills in Tallahassee? Why are there so many hills in Tallahassee? Why are there so many hills in Tallahassee?”) but the next time I run it, I’m going to beat the time, just like the time after that, and… well, you get the idea. Finally, I decided that I’m going to start doing some sort of grand athletic feat like this every Saturday starting the week after next (next week, the grand athletic feat will be FSU upsetting OU. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate the University of Oklahoma? They stink, they are the scum between my toes.)









Snack: After that I had a wafflewich and an extra banana.

Lunch: For a late lunch, I went with my friend Daniel to Chipotle for some burrito fantasticness. I had the chicken burrito bowl with the fixins and guac with a cup of sour cream on the side. Having dressing-like sauces in a cup make it a lot easier to not use all of it. Anyways, it had been a while since I had been there so it made it even more awesome.

Afternoon Dessert: After Megan’s conference that she was presenting at, we climbed up Yogurt Mountain for some deliciousness. I had a swirl of dulche de leche and cookies n’ cream that made my taste buds do the hokey pokey.






Dinner: As you can imagine, I wasn’t too hungry for a good while so we went and did some stuff around town and then fired up the grill. I had been marinading some Teriyaki  chicken so I put that on the grill along with some fresh pineapple from Publix. The chicken turned out really well, but the pineapple was ridiculously awesome. All that on a bed of rice was a fantastic meal.

So today I did pretty well all things considered. According to my Nike+ app, I had burned more than 100o calories on my run, but I think I made up for it with my burrito bowl. The way workouts are going to work this year I think is Wednesday through Sunday with Monday and Tuesday off. Monday and Tuesday are my worst days by far so by Wednesday I’ll be ready to exert some energy. If I’ve learned anything from this crazy weight loss experience it’s that when life gets off track, whether it be a new schedule or a baboon ripping your arms off like in the movie Congo, sometimes you just have to roll with the punches and then get back in to a rhythm. Then, you dominate. See ya tomorrow.


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