Day 347: Weigh In Time!

What is up G!

So this week I was thinking small, I was good with food, and I even ran a crapton yesterday. I was really hoping for a big loss, but I ended up gaining .2 pounds which is basically a maintain. Yesterday, I was at one point down to 250.4, so I’m wondering if my body has been retaining water since I probably didn’t drink enough after my run. (TMI Tip of the Day: if your pee ain’t clear, you haven’t drank enough.) So that sucks, but I’m going to do better with tracking my points and exercising more this week to finally get out of the 250’s.

Breakfast: I didn’t have a lot of time this morning, but luckily the super awesome Tara J. made some mini muffins so I had that. Yummy stuff.

Lunch: Today was College Sunday at church so there was an epic potluck after church. I did eat my share. Potlucks are pretty rare nowadays so you always want to capitalize on their awesomeness.






Dinner: We bought this epic pot roast the other day at Publix so we put that in the crock pot for dinner. Pot roasts seriously have like 5 minutes of prep time and are the most delicious things ever. Just saying.

So today was alright for food, and when I say alright I mean I could have done way better. It is what it is and like I said I’m going to do better this week. See ya tomorrow.


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