Day 354: Weigh In!!!

I know I know… It’s been a while. It’s kind of a crazy week with the super awesome FSU/Oklahoma game. The whole College Gameday experience was intense, but such a blast! We were on campus from 8 AM until about midnight. You can even see my sign with my twitter handle on ESPN numerous times! (Putting that expensive integrated marketing degree to work.) However, being out and about in the heat for more than 16 hours did take it’s toll. We visited 3 or 4 tailgates, all with plenty of delicious food, but it was hard to replenish my water. So, right now I’m at a gain of .8 pounds which isn’t that bad at all because it’s retained water.

Today, I’ve been re-evaluating my goals about why I’m even doing this. Yes, I’ve been doing this for a year and yes, I’ve lost my share of weight, but I’m still a ways away from where I want/need to be. I’m going to get back to the fundamentals of counting (which is going to be way easier now because we aren’t going to eat out as much anymore to save us money), drinking a bunch of water, and really analyze what I’m eating. I used to look at unhealthy things and ask myself if it was worth it, and I feel like I need to get back to that, because I’m at the point where I only have 30 points (which isn’t a ton of calories) a day, so I need to make the most of them instead and supplement them with fruits and veggies that aren’t really any points. I’ve also gotten in to the rhythm of my schedule so I’m going to try to work out a lot more whether it be running, weights, racquetball, or any other sweat-inducing awesomeness. Get stoked.

Breakfast: For breakfast, I just had a bowl of multigrain Cheerios. They were awesome (I mean come on! They are Cheerios!) 2 points

Lunch: For lunch, we went to Pitaria with our friends Julie and Emma and Stacy. Emma and Stacy are new to Tallahassee, so they wanted to try some new places around town. Anyways, I had the Mediterranean Veggie Burger, which was basically a black bean burger with cucumbers, peppers, etc. It was perfect with some pita fries. It’s definitely one of my favorite burgers in town!





Dinner: Tonight, we decided to do breakfast for dinner. I made some scrambled eggs and bacon while Megan made these awesome buttermilk pancakes. It was a pretty awesome dinner and it was about 12ish points.

Dessert: Megan made these Immaculate Baking Co. triple chocolate cookies so I made a little sundae with two cookies which was about 8 points.

So today went pretty well. I know I went over, but this week is going to be much better. Get stoked for some weight loss awesomeness. See ya tomorrow.


One thought on “Day 354: Weigh In!!!

  1. BRINNER!!! Always a wonderful experience. To quote Dr. Kelso from Scrubs after hearing that Turk got Brinner for his anniversary. “Daaamn Turkledog, Brinner!”. On a more related note, Menshealth always advocates a high protien breakfast b/c the calories are more efficient, it boosts your metabolism, and you stay fuller longer throughout the day.

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