Day 355: Monday

Today was a great day. There’s nothing like watching The Office in a graduate class to understand managing models. And it’s only Monday!!! MEOW!!! DAVEY JONES!!! GIANT SQUID!!!

Breakfast: I had heard good things about this cereal called Uncle Sams and being the good patriot that I am I had to try it.. (you know, for ‘murica!) A bowl was with skim milk was 4 points but a 3/4 cup of cereal was 10 grams of fiber! So awesome. It kind of looks like cocoa pebbles but it tastes like cardboard… delicious delicious cardboard with flax seeds.

Lunch: I needed to eat more in the day so I loaded up my lunchbox and went to town. I had the following: turkey sandwich, Oikos greek yogurt (which was really good), string cheese, pretzels and a banana. The most filling 12 points ever. Winning (yes, I’m watching the Charlie Sheen Roast. Don’t judge.)






SAWS!!!: In keeping with my goal to work out like a beast, I went on a run this evening. The weather was perfect: partly cloudy, cool breeze and the temperature ranging in the high 80’s. Anyways, I went for a 5k run up and down the crazy hills of Tallahassee. My first mile was 10:54 which was one of my better times, but the hills got to me which drug my time down a bit. Overall, it was a pretty good run, and I’m really stoked for the “5k season” to start up! SAWS!!!!  8 exercise points







Post Workout Yummy Stuff: I had a peanut butter and banana sandwich with a little honey. Pretty awesome. 6 points.

Dinner: I don’t know how Mondays have become our grilling day, but I’m totally cool with it! Tongith I grilled some burgers and Megan sauteed some baby potatoes and onions. It was a pretty epic meal.  17 points.






Dessert: We were baller and roasted some marshmallows on kabob sticks over the grill. Yeah, we are awesome. 2 points.

So today I got to 41 points, which is crazy I know, but with the exercise points I was just 3 points over. Pretty legit. See ya tomorrow.


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