Day 356: Tuesday Today!


So today was a cruddy day. The weather was dreary while it looked like fall outside, it was still humid and gross. (There’s nothing worse than looking out a window, thinking it should be 65 outside, but instead it’s 85 with 110% humidity. Way to give it your all Mother Nature.) Anyways, between that, not getting my caffeine fix because I chose water over coffee (go me? I guess?) and my allergies going berserk, it was just one of those days. It is what it is. Luckily, I got through it, and there was a light at the end of the tunnel: the Biggest Loser Season Premier! I wasn’t sure how the new trainers were going to go, but so far I think they are holding there own. I think it’s going to be a pretty good season. What was really exciting is that for the first time while watching a season premier, I didn’t feel guilty about not sending in a video to be on it. Even last season, I still felt like I needed to be on there, but this time around, I feel really good about where I’m at even though I’m still on the hunt to drop more lbs!

Breakfast: I had another bowl of cardboard Uncle Sams cereal. I don’t think it’s filling enough. It’s one of those foods that holds off your hunger, but then when you’re hungry, you get HOUNGRY *pronounced southernly.* I need to figure out something else on the breakfast front. Any suggestions? 4 points 

Lunch: Like I was saying, I need to eat more for breakfast because even though I have to eat breakfast at 11 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I’m still hungry at that point. But I digress. Anyways, I brought a sack full of food goodies like Santa (yes, I’m already in the Christmas spirit) but like a fool I ate all of them during lunch. No bueno. So, I had an all-heel sandwich, pretzels, a nut mix, a cookie and a banana all during my super early lunch hour which was a total of 11 points At the time I was thinking I would be okay, but around 2:00, that was not the case… (TO BE CONTINUED… in the next paragraph.)




Snack: By the time I got to work, I must of had really looked pathetic because Andrea offered me some food. I chose her strawberry gummies which were 2 points. So awesome.







Dinner: Megan made the best spaghetti I’ve ever seen. That’s all there is to it. So awesome. 10 points. For dessert I made a cookie sundae with a cookie and some ice cream. It was epic and about 5 points. 

So today I got to 32 points so a little over but it’s okay. Tomorrow is Wordless Wednesday and my first day at Leach this semester. Get stoked. See ya tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Day 356: Tuesday Today!

  1. Hi! (Ok this is sort of randomish) but I was a musicologist at FSU -I think possibly I met you and your wife at one of the musicology interviews. Anyways, I am also on WW (I actually sort of started because it worked so well for people I knew like Sarah Kahre and I knew I needed to make some changes in my life in order to be healthy). Anyways I found your blog I think because of facebook/Sarah and have been reading it for awhile. Congrats on the amazing amazing work you’ve done.
    Anyways, for breakfasts, have you guys tried almond butter? I am allergic to peanuts, so it’s sort of my go to nut butter. Almond butter on whole wheat toast plus a piece of fruit is 5 points, but it really has staying power till lunch time.

  2. Hey Erin!
    Yeah, Megan thought y’all had met at one point in passing. Anyways, yes, I flippin’ love almond butter! I need to get some more of it! Almond butter is really good on two waffles and sliced up banana with a little honey. You should definitely give that a shot. Thanks for the tip and thanks for reading!

  3. I have yet to find a cereal that will hold me over. I used to love the stuff but on my diet, it just lets me down way too fast.

    Have you tried adding beans to diet. I gotten hooked lentils in morning and since they are a slow digesting carb, they seem to keep me full for hours. An egg and a half cup of lentils or black beans or even refried beans really gets me fueled up.

    Love the blog man!

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