Day 358: Thursday Time

It’s Thursday time! There’s been a lot of just crazy things happening this week (in a Three Stooges way, not a Silence of the Lambs way.) I think it might be the weather or something, whatever it is I’m ready for it to end. Funks are no fun. Hopefully that will pass.

Breakfast: I was in a rush and I figured out that Uncle Sam’s cereal is way better with Grape Nuts (yes, Grape Nuts have more flavor than Uncle Sams.) but we are out of Grape Nuts, so I had some Graham Oh’s! Which were 6 points.

Lunch: Today was the University Communications appreciation lunch at Mellow Mushroom! It was pretty awesome! I really love where I work! I would be okay working at FSU for the rest of our time in Tallahassee (do you hear that bosses?) Anyways, I had the chef salad with esperanza dressing and a slice of cheese with sun dried tomatoes. I had class, so I scarfed down the salad and got someone to bring my slice back to work so I could eat it after class. Even cold it was awesome!

Snack: One of the party favors was a Tervis-like cup full of m&m’s so I had 3 points worth of them and then gave away the rest.




Dinner: Tonight was leftover night so I had chili and chips. It was about 15 points.

Snack: Tonight was also fall season premiers! While I was watching the new Big Bang Theory episodes, I tried these Michelina’s Lean Gourmet Buffalo Style Buffalo Chicken Snackers. Back in the day, I used to dominate pizza rolls (just ask my friends Scott and Tabitha, I used to eat all of their pizza rolls when we would play board games,) which lead to the demise of my waistline. A serving of 11 of these little guys were 4 points which isn’t too bad.

So today I was at 28 points without lunch so I know I went over, but I’m going to go all SAWS on Leach (I lost my FSUCard so I have to get a new one so I can go) tomorrow. Here goes nothing. See ya tomorrow.


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