Day 359: Saturday Meow

No post yesterday you say? Yes, it’s true. Yeah, my b yo.

It was a pretty awesome Saturday full of stuff that didn’t involve school. You get to a point where you hold on to little things like getting a haircut, or going to the grocery store since it’s not reading for a quiz. Just saying. But anyways, I wanted to go for a run or go workout, but I woke up to a real sharp pain in my right leg. It feels like someone is grabbing my kneecap and punching it repeatedly. No bueno. So I decided to stay off of it for a while (like a day or two.)

Breakfast: I had a wafflewich with pb. It was epic. 5.5 points.

Lunch: Before I got my haircut (which is FAAAAAAABULOUS!!!) We decided to go to Moe’s for lunch. Sadly to say, it will probably be the last time for a while. I had two little chicken tacos with cheese, which I thought “hey, this can’t be that bad” but it was. For two small tacos and a basket of chips, it was 22 points. What the crap! Taco Bell is actually lower points than Moe’s. It kind of makes me sad. What to do, what to do. So the rest of the day I was thinking that I was going to have to work out so I could eat dinner. That’s a terrible feeling. Lame stuff. Awe well.




Dinner: After very very frustrating FSU game, we decided to make an epic dinner to cheer us up (if we had won, it would have been a celebration dinner, but it was delicious either way.) We found this awesome recipe on how to make grilled shrimp so we made that with Megan’s classic green beans, and a baked potato. It was a fantastic dinner. Awesomeness.

So today was frustrating with food, but it is what it is.

The past two weeks have been gains, but this week has been pretty good with food and did work out a few times, so we will just see how it goes. See ya tomorrow.


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