Day 360!!!


(Hello there! Thanks for reading!)

So I’ve been due for a decent weigh in, but for the past few weeks I haven’t been really sticking to it. This week, we have been working on our budget which has meant less eating out, which in turn has lead to less calories and sodium. Fun stuff. Anyways, this week I freakin lost 4.2 pounds! Which means I am down to 250.6 pounds! So close to jumping in to the 240’s! I’m so stoked. However, I really want to exercise this week, but my leg hurts really sore. I’m not really sure what I did during racquetball (I blame Jonathan) but it’s pretty sore so we’ll see what happens. Here’s to another week of weight loss awesomeness!

Breakfast: I just had a 4 point Nature Valley peanut butter bar. Yum.

Lunch: So on Friday, we got two large pepperoni pizzas from Pizza Hut for $11! (Thanks student discount/discount card!) Obviously, we didn’t each eat a large pizza on Friday (since this isn’t Nathan circa 2005 writing this) so we have a lot of leftovers. I had two slices which was still awesome! It’s pretty tight when you can spread an $11 food over at least 5 meals each.12 points.








Snack: After a nice Sunday afternoon nap and a few episodes of The Simpsons, we went and ran some errands around town. We stopped in to TCBY for some froyo! We also had a discount card for that so we got BOGO deliciousness. I had a waffle bowl full of chocolate chip cookie dough. It was pretty awesome. 8 points








Dinner: For dinner, we were both craving for some Chinese food, so we got some takeout from Panda Express. Before we got there, we looked up on the Eat This Not That app for the best entree. We both decided on beef broccoli which had an -A rating. For 3 points a serving, I had that with some brown rice we made at home. It was a pretty awesome 10 point Chinese dinner.

Then Megan made cookies… and they were awesome. I had 6 points worth.

So today, I unintentionally ate a lot of sweets, but that happens. This week I’m really going to be good with my food, not drink any soda (like I did this week. Water makes a difference folks!) and I’m going to try to at least go on a walk tomorrow and then turn it up a notch later in the week. 240’s or bust folks. See ya tomorrow.


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