Day 361 Monday G!

Hello my little monsters! (oh wait, wrong alias…)

So today was a welcome to week slap in the face when I realized all the crap I had to do from readings to case studies to any other random stuff coming my way. I didn’t think I was going to get to watch my Cowboys play, but I budgeted my assignments to certain days to make it all manageable. I feel like you have to do that with weight loss. It’s intimidating to look at Mt. Fitintoskinnyjeans, no matter what your goal weight is, and think “how the crap am I going to do this?” It is important to allocate your calories, make time for your exercise and sticking to it even when you ate too many calories that day and your treadmill has become an annex of your closet. Life happens, that is nothing new. How you deal with it though is the biggest key to success. Alright, time to completely contradict everything I just said by talking about my food today.

Breakfast: I mixed Uncle Sams Chock Fill of Cardboard with Grape Nuts for a pretty awesome cereal combination. 8 points.

Lunch: I just had some more leftover pizza. I’m so glad there is none left. I love me some pizza, but like a good townie, it gets greasier with age. I had two slices for 12 points.

Snacks: Megan made some awesome cookies yesterday so I ended up eating my share of them. Today I ate… 8 points worth.Yikes.

Snacks: I also had some ants on a log without the ants. I put some (what I now know is expired) peanut butter on some celery. It was pretty awesome. 2.5 points.









Dinner: Megan made one of my favorite meals today. Yes, she made creamy stovetop mac n’ cheese. It was the bee’s knees like nobody’s business, especially when you sprinkle some cayenne on top! I had a serving and a bit so it was 8 points.


When I post about this delicious creamy awesomeness, people always ask me for the recipe. So I’ll make you a deal, I’ll post the recipe tonight on The Fotographing Fat Kid Official Facebook Page tonight, if you like my page. Sounds fair? I thought so. See you there!

Okay, so I know it looks bad (because it is) but I do want to point out the difference of quality and quantity of what 8 points can get you: 2 1/4 cup of mac n’ cheese, a cup of super fiber cereal and four measly cookies. I think it really puts everything in to perspective of how you have to be aware of what you are putting in your body during the day. So yeah, today was a ghastly 38.5 points which is rough, but thankfully I have weekly points so and since we don’t have any more pizza, I’ll have better lunches. There’s still a lot of week left so I’m not sweating… yet ;). See ya tomorrow.




3 thoughts on “Day 361 Monday G!

    • I go al natural 😉 lol. My favorite it the Central Market brand which is from a store called H-E-B in Texas. My parents always send me a few tubs of it. I know a lot of people aren’t fans of the stirring, but I think it tastes waaaaay better. What do you eat?

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