Day 366: FALL!!!


It’s been in the mid 70’s and right now it’s even cooler! It feels so awesome to have a break from the heat and the humidity (aka: the bane of my existence.) So today was a pretty awesome day. It was a much needed day of rest from a week of craptasticness. Alright, game time…

Breakfast: I bought some multigrain Eggos from Walmart and they are just not near as good as the Publix ones. Anyways, luckily I found another jar of organic peanut butter and the date was good so I had a wafflewich with out the banana.

Lunch: We had a meeting at our campus minister’s house and they made us chili! It was pretty awesome, but Crystal’s pumpkin pie took the… (pie?) for the meal. It officially felt like fall. And it was good.





SAWS!!! Since it was so awesome outside, we decided to go for a power walk at Lake Ella park. We walked about 3 miles and it felt awesome because when you sit down all day, your hip flexors are really tight. I didn’t get to workout this week so it was nice to get out and about!

Dinner: Tonight, we wanted to have a very fall-like meal so we decided to go with grilled cheese and tomato soup. It was the perfect way to end the perfect day.

So today wasn’t that bad but I’m not sure how the weigh in is going to go down tomorrow. Like I said earlier, I didn’t get to work out because of my leg and I’ve been sickly, but my lunches have been mostly fruits and pretzels so we’ll just see. Sorry I didn’t blog at all this week. Don’t take it personal. See ya tomorrow.


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