Day 374: Sunday Weigh In

Wait, I do what? I blog about food I eat? That’s ridiculous!

Oh yeah… I do that… sometimes.

The second half of this week was stupendously stressful and exhausting. Unfortunately, there is no end in sight to that nonsense known as grad school. I would have been blogging this weekend, but my computer cord was messing up and Megan had the other one when she was gone. Frankly, it’s been really hard to blog when you’re on a computer all day writing and reading. Not to mention by the time I get home I am completely exhausted from life. I need to figure out how to balance everything because this has been a crucial key to my success so far. Speaking of success, talk to talk about failing (he said half jokingly.) Last night I weighed before I went to bed and I was 249 exactly. Usually, that means you will lose some by morning. Evidently, I hadn’t made up the calories from my killer 10k run because when I weighed in this morning I was 249 exactly again. I gained 1.4 pounds this week. I was surprised, but it is what it is. I had two good weeks in a row, but I’m going to get back to it this week. If I’m not able to work out (which was the case this week) I really need to be close with my points so I can drop some pounds.

Breakfast: I had a wafflewich, but the bananas we bought were really bad for some reason so it was meh.

Lunch: I was living the bachelor life for lunch so I had spaghetti-o’s and a grilled cheese. It was pretty simple but pretty delicious.







Dinner: It was one of those makeshift dinner nights (you know how those are, you look deep within your pantry for that thing you bought that one time.) A while back (like a year ago) I bought this veggie burger mix where you just add water, let it settle, and then make patties. They were pretty good, especially with the beans.


So today was pretty good, but I just felt weird the whole day. Like I said, tomorrow I shall dominate. It will be an awesome sight. See ya tomorrow.


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