Day 385A: Where The Crap Have You Been? Edition

[Insert so witty comment about blogging here]

So this kidney stone of a week has finally passed. It was painful when it was building up to this point and boy did it hurt when I got it our of my system. What’s on the agenda now? MORE HOMEWORK! The fun never stops here in Tallahassee (even when you’ve stopped and you’ve had enough.) [Insert Micheal Jackson dance move here.] Anyways, my eating this week has been pretty rough. I’ve tried to keep it in check, but it’s been hard with being so busy which has lead to eating out and grazing like a boss. However, soda has not touched these lips (no matter how tempting it’s been.) I have discovered the awesomeness known as flavored seltzer water which has no calories and no sodium so I’ve been throwing that back a lot this week. I’m finally going to get some exercise in this weekend with racquetball today and a morning run tomorrow. I’m running a 5k next Friday evening so I really need to get in to training mode to record a good time. I also still need to figure out my costume for too. Any suggestions? I really like the idea of just wearing a Flash shirt. It will be funny and ironic all in one. Hmmmm…

Anyways, in lieu of a Wordless Wednesday and such, here are a few pics from this week. Please note the food truck pics. Last night, we went out with some my friends from my department to this lot around Lake Ella where food trucks camp out on Thursday nights. Hipsters aside, it was pretty awesome. From a pulled pork taco with chipotle mac n’ cheese on top and a grilled pb and j, it was a good night. So ladies and gents, I give… PICTURES OF THINGS AND STUFF!
















































































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