Day 393: Saturday Recap of the Week

So I didn’t post on Thursday because the Rangers had ripped out my heart to the point of exhaustion. By then, I had realized I had wasted four and a half hours of my life  in the respect that I could have been doing plenty of homework in that time frame. (Yes, I know that sounded pretty nerdy. It is what it is.) Friday, I wasn’t able to because we were at our young pros and college annual Halloween bash. It was a blast to chill by the fire after the race. Oh yeah…

RACE RECAP! The Trick or Trot was my first evening race (which I was nervous about since I had been sedentary all day) and it was awesome! I blew my records out the water yo! The race started downhill and since it wasn’t a big race, I was able to book it the first mile and set a good pace. It then started to even out and before I knew it, mile 1 was done… in 8:40! WHABAM! Through mile 2 or so, the hills were bad but still not as bad as the ones I’m use to so I just pushed through it. The last .1 was straight uphill which really sucked but again I just worked through it (even though at that point I was losing steam fast) and I’m glad I did. I busted out a 30:38 5k time. I was secretly hoping to break 30 minutes, but I was pretty freakin’ close. I was also wondering if I was going to place in the 20-29 mens bracket, but considering the thrid place time was a little over 18 minutes and the first place time was 16:25, I didn’t have a shot :). Overall, it was a pretty awesome race! Starting on Monday, Megan and I are going to start a 12 week Nike+ 10k training program so I’m pretty stoked about that too!




Alright let’s get back to today.

Breakfast: I just had a wafflewich of awesomeness. Fantastic.

Lunch: This morning, the Farmer’s Market downtown had owls!!!! The St. Francis Wildlife Refuge brought out the owls they use for educational purposes. It was pretty awesome. Anyways, that had nothing to do with lunch, but who cares. For lunch, we just came home and I had leftover chili from the other night. Awesomeness.





Oh yeah, we found bacon flavored syrup at Wold Market. Bacon lattes anyone?

[Insert this time of the day with intermittent rice krispy treat and pistachio grazing. Ruh roh…]









Dinner: Tonight, we carved our massive pumpkins and roasted pumpkin seeds. Megan carved out a super awesome jack-o-lantern and completely overshadowed mine that looked like a seven year olds. Anyways, Megan made the Southwest quinoa recipe that we know and love for dinner. It was delicious as usual.

So today wasn’t too bad. Like I said I did graze a little bit and we will just have to see how that affects tomorrow’s weigh in. Either way, I feel pretty decent about this week so we will see how it goes. See ya tomorrow.

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