Day 398: Thursday Stuff

I’ve been really tired today so let’s do this thang!Overall, today I wasn’t feeling too well which lead to a little overeating and stuff like that. I’m not mad about it because it was Thursday and it’s kind of been a stressful week. Not too worried, but we’ll see.

Breakfast: I had some grapenuts because they are awesome.

Lunch: I made my lunch (smart move of the day) which was just a sandwich and an apple. It was pretty fantastic. I’m getting a lot better and sandwich making so that’s making it easier to bring a lunch. PS honeycrisp apples are my lifeblood.

Snack: I was feeling a little light headed and off after my class so I picked up a Nature Valley bar for an afternoon snack.







Snack II: When I got to work, I still wasn’t feeling well. I was thinking I was still hungry and when I was complaining to my co-worker Andrea, she offered me a packet of oatmeal, so I took her up on that and I had apple cinnamon oatmeal. It was good, but since I’m microwaved instruction impaired when it comes to oatmeal, most of it ended up in the microwave (don’t worry… I cleaned it up) so it was about half a serving. Delicious nonetheless.







Dinner: After work, we went with some of our friends from Megan’s department to Tomahawks which is a sports bar and grill close to campus. The majority of the menu is off limits (especially the 15 patty high cheeseburger) but I think I did okay. I had a 1/4 pound cheeseburger with a house salad with a raspberry vinaigrette. I then had two wings which were awesomely delicious.

Umm.. Yeah: While the burger was okay, it wasn’t that filling. So when I got home, I had about a serving of leftover pasta from last night and about 2 cups of rice krispies. I’m not really sure why that happened… but it did. I guess dinner wasn’t the “right” kind of filling. We also made some immaculate baking company cookies which aren’t that bad and are delicious.

So like I said, it was just one of those days but I have no bad feelings about it. Tomorrow I’m running 5 miles so hopefully the calories burned from that will offset it a little bit. Good times. See ya tomorrow.


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