Day 399: Friday Time People!


(Yes… I did just hashtag. Deal with it.)

So today was kind of nuts with a bunch of random things going on. We were finally able to sleep in this morning which made life better because we are both kind of fighting off a cold. It was nice to get some homework done while getting to relax a little bit. Before I get too far in to this, I might as well admit that I have already “broken” one of my goals this month. I wanted to run, but it was cold and windy and I didn’t have make the time like I should have. I’m going to just get up in the morning and run since it will be a little warmer tomorrow morning. (Yes, 63 and windy is cold to me. I have turned in to a wimp.) Anyways, overall though today was okay food wise and hopefully I will be able to drop some lbs this week. If anything, I’ve been drinking my water and that has to count for something right?

Breakfast: I just had two waffles and some peanut butter. What can I say? I’m a creature of habit.





Lunch: Megan wanted to me out to lunch so we decided on some Cuban at Gordo’s. I went with the media noche sandwich with some moros which is black beans and rice cooked together. Last time I had the fries which were way too salty so I’m glad I went with a smaller side. It was pretty good, but my steak dinner was way cheaper than my lunch which is kind of ridiculous.




Starbucks: While Megan and I were out and about, we grabbed some Starbucks at the mall. I had a skinny caramel machiatto thanks to the gift card my parents sent us. I was probably the best caramel machiatto ever. Awesomeness.








Dinner: Tonight, I had to assure my neighbors that our place wasn’t on fire. (I wish I was kidding.) I was cooking with half charcoal and half mesquite and it really gave our Montreal crusted steaks a smokey flavor. We had that with some microwavable broccoli and cheese. We figured it out and it was $4 per person for dinner. Yes… a steak dinner was $4 each. Why do we eat out? That was less than our Starbucks drinks! Craziness. Anyways, for dessert we had two cookies. Yum.

So today wasn’t too bad like I said, and I’m going to be good tomorrow so I can lose some weight yo! Fun stuff. See ya tomorrow.

PS: my alma mater Abilene Christian University suffered a great blow today. A group of students from the Agriculture department were going on a weekend mission trip to a children’s home and their bus tipped over, killing one student and injuring the majority of the students and faculty. Please keep the victims and their families in your thoughts and prayers. Thanks.


One thought on “Day 399: Friday Time People!

  1. LOL Your reasoning about the cost of eating at home versus eating out made me laugh, especially compared to the cost of Starbucks! On my food budget, I try to have us eating at home as much as possible because I can cook us both a nice chicken breast, veggies, rice or pasta on the side, and do it for $5 or so total. Doesn’t seem worth it to go out unless its a special occasion. I also tend to dissuade the bf from going to Starbucks most of the time, because with a home brewed cup of coffee, a little milk and sugar, and a spoonful of fat free whipped cream, Ive got something that tastes just as good for a fraction of the price and a lot less points then most things on their menu. The downside is I want to sit there and eat all the whipped cream with a spoon. hehe Oops!

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