Day 401: A Good Ol’ Weigh Sunday In!

So yeah, I didn’t post on my 400th day like I should have. My B.

My parents got in to town yesterday so we have had a blast just chilling and enjoying the sight and sound (yes, that is suppose to be singular) of Tallahassee. Anyways, even though I didn’t make time to run, I was still able to lose 1.8 pounds this week! I’m pretty stoked about it! At this point, I have lost 114.2 pounds so far so November is looking alright. Good times.

Breakfast: We crashed the La Quinta breakfast bar this morning. It was nothing special as far as continental breakfasts go so I just had a bagel and some raisin bran. Good stuff.

Lunch: After church, we went to my Dad’s favorite place in Tallahassee: Barnacle Bill’s Seafood Extravaganza. We split an order of steamed oysters and I had the stone crabs with hush puppies and new potatoes. The stone crabs were served chilled which was a little weird, but pretty good nonetheless.






Afternoon Dessert: My mom wanted to go to some of the “greatest hits” from the blog so we went to TCBY for some froyo awesomeness. I had a mix of white chocolate mousse, pumpkin, and peanut butter. Yes, I know that sounds like a bizarre combo, but it was fantastico.









Dinner: My Dad brought me his old Weber grill from home (which is better than the one I’ve been using that I found by the trash can) so I tried broke it in tonight with some burgers. We bought some ground beef from Earth Fare along with some natural charcoal from Earth Fare as well. The burgers past the MacDonald family test and so did the bratwursts! We also got some fries from Wing Stop as a side. They were awesome of course.

So today was alright food wise and I’m really going to work to rock this week. See ya tomorrow.


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