Day 410: Recap of Things and Stuff

So I’m back!!! (Did you miss me? Don’t answer that.)

The trip to the Best Coast was a blast, but the redeye back to Florida was a doozie on my allergies/cold. Thankfully, I am drugged up on meds thanks to a visit to the doctor so I’m feeling quite a bit better. So I was kind of worried about this trip was going to screw up my weight loss completely. While I did eat my share of delicious food and drank my fill of delicious lattes, I did walk all over tarnation in San Francisco. (Is tarnation an actual level of measurement? Hmm…) Anyways, I was thinking I had gained about 5 or so pounds on this trip (either way I knew it was going to be a gain) but I lucked out and only gained 2.8 pounds which means I am at 245.6 pounds. I’m in a bad place I think because I was talking to Megan about how I had an “awe well” attitude about it and she jokingly said “well you should at least sound remorseful on the blog.” While we were kind of kidding about it, it’s true, I should be remorseful about it, to which I am now. This weekend last year, I went on my first trip while dieting and I flipped about only losing half a pound. I gained almost three pounds in 5 days and I was apathetic about it! So today has been about changing my mindset. I have worked too hard so far not to finish what I’ve started. I didn’t get this far by being apathetic, I got this far by watching what I ate constantly and working my butt off in the gym! I am going to finish strong. This is going to happen. Watch me.

One of my goals this month was to get down to 235 by Dec. 1. At 242, that seemed doable, now I have a long way to go (not to mention Thanksgiving is thrown in there as well.) But from this point on, I’m going to work to get my weight down. I wanted to get to onederland by New Years or at least my birthday in January; if it doesn’t happen (mathematically it is a long shot. I’ve always hated math.) I’m going to get there by at least St. Patrick’s Day or sooner. I have the tools, I know the playbook, and I have the [insert other cliche here] to get it done. Time to do work son!

Breakfast: I just had the same ol’ awesome peanut butter and honey on Publix waffles. Awesomeness.

Lunch: I had a turkey sandwich with some tomato soup. A can of Campbell’s Healthy Select tomato soup is only 3 points so it’s totally worth it!

[Insert multiple sessions of grazing around the house because I was sick and my mental filter was still in vacation mode. No more of that silliness.]


Dinner: While I was getting my prescription filled at Walmart, I bought what I was going to make for dinner. I found the Butterball turkey Italian Sausage which is only 3 points a sausage compared to 8 points a sausage of its beef/pork counterpart. So I bought those along with a zucchini, squash and some whole wheat penne pasta and made a killer pasta dish. It was pretty awesome and only about 6 points a serving!

So aside from the grazing, I did okay today. Tomorrow will be much better. See ya tomorrow.


One thought on “Day 410: Recap of Things and Stuff

  1. You look awesome in your picture!!! It’s really easy to get complacent when you’re on a roll and doing well. However, I think this is one of the things you’ll always have to deal with, there are going to be times where you decide you want to eat whatever you want. This is all part of the journey. I think we’re in that unfortunate group of people who put on weight very quickly and easily so you have to constantly monitor what you eat and work to keep it off. I’m glad to say I’ve got back in the mindset instead of drifting along just to just stay afloat. It’s amazing how much better I feel when I’m purposely watching what I eat and getting to the gym. Good luck! Glad to see you back! šŸ™‚

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