Day 415: Super Awesome Weigh In Day!

What is up yo!

Sorry it has been a while since I have blogged and that November has been a lackluster of a blogging month.  Between tons of school, traveling across the country and FSU losing in a severely depressing fashion, it’s been pretty crazy around here. Anyways, so last week I ate my share of food in San Francisco and I gained a little weight. This week, I really stuck to my eating plan and even got to work out a little bit. It paid off! I lost 3.6 pounds during this short week! WHABAM! Which means I have lost exactly 115 pounds (wow, I did just write that number. Holy crap.) So if I stick with my plan and workout during this week, there’s a good chance I’ll make my goal to 235. Either way, breaking out of the 240’s would be awesome. However, today was kind of bad. Yum.

Breakfast: I had a wafflewich with even a cut up banana. It was amazing.

Lunch: Megan wasn’t feeling well today so I had to cook… so I ordered Pizza Hut for lunch. We ordered the big box deal that had two medium pizzas, 8 wings and bread sticks. We figured that way we would have some leftovers for the short week. I had four slices, a bread stick and five wings. I did overdo it and it sucks, but it is what it is.

SAWS!: I went to Leach this evening for some much needed exercise. Lately, I’ve just felt sluggish and flabby. My body was telling me it was time to burn some calories. I did work on the elliptical for 30 minutes on a cross training setting. It felt awesome to actually sweat. I am officially addicted to working again. I can’t wait to workout in the morning.

Dinner: For dinner, I picked up a BBQ rotisserie from Publix and Megan made some mashed potatoes and corn. It was delicious, but again, I ate too much for dinner. 

So today wasn’t great, but tomorrow will be much better. So stoked. See ya tomorrow.


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