Day 422: Thanksgiving Recap!

Happy late thanksgiving everybody!
It’s weird how long a trip can feel even though it’s actually only a few days long (I mean that in a good way of course!)  On Wednesday morning we flew to Dallas to see my family in Texas. My aunt from Montana and my cousins from Arkansas also came down for thanksgiving which was awesome because most of them actually hadn’t met Megan before. Needless to say we all had a lot of catching up to do.
Since it was Thanksgiving time, there was enough food to feed a small country and then some. My dad, my brother-in-law Andrew (Megan’s brother) and I stayed up until 3 am Wednesday night out in the cold to smoke a turkey. It was totally worth the frostbite and hypothermia, easily the best turkey I have ever had. Anyways, for thanksgiving dinner I did have seconds and such  but I did not stuff myself within an inch of my life. I was diplomatic with my dessert and had about a third of a normal slice of three pies. However, I did eat my share leftover pie through out the week. (Stream of consciousness writing moment: I’m writing this on a plane and the people behind us just changed their babies diaper while in their seat. Nothing like a plane ride that smells like a dirty diaper. Smelly passengers are fragrant enough. Anyways, where was I?)  My mom also made a chocolate chip cheesecake for my sisters birthday so I just asked for half of a slice.
A lot of people ask me about how hard it is to diet and give up the foods I love. Well, I still eat a lot of what I want, I just eat less of it. That’s what keeps you sane. Now granted, I still eat things I probably shouldn’t, but this is all still a work in progress.
When I was home, my drive to lose weight has been regenerated. I’ve been in kind of a lull recently thanks to a combination of school and stress (which is usually caused by school) but I felt really encouraged by everyone I saw, especially from my cousins who haven’t seen me in at least five years. It was the right amount of encouragement and conviction, if you will, to keep at it and drop the rest of this weight. Speaking of weight, one of my goals was to not gain any weight over the week of thanksgiving. Before I left for DFW, I was already up a pound or two (hooray weight fluctuation!) so we will just see where I’m at tomorrow morning. I’ll have an actual weigh in tomorrow. This should be fun.

Here are some pictures of the trip including my awesome animals Shadow the cat and Molly the wonderdog. Enjoy!

See ya tomorrow.


















































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