Day 430: A Monday Weigh In Update

So if you recall, Saturday I was really frustrated by my choices in food. I really wanted to take back the decisions I had made that day. You have no clue how much I regretted them the following 24 hours…

As I mentioned on Saturday, Megan was really sick with a stomach virus of some kind (our diagnosis was food poisoning but whatever it was it was brutal) and I thought I had a freebie for dinner that night so I got my former favorite curry from Mr. Robotos. Little did I know that the bug Megan had would come my way very soon. Early Sunday morning I woke up in severe pain wishing for the sweet release of death (you might think I am over dramatizing but sadly I’m not.) Then came the vomiting… it was not pretty. From that point on, I could keep any food down and trust me, having spicy curry “revisit” you through the vehicle of vomiting a laser beam of digustingness is not fun. (I felt like I was a Dragon Ball Z character whose special move was shooting a concentrated stream of gross from my mouth. But I digress.) Anyways, if you haven’t decided to stop reading yet, you’re a trooper and the worst is over. If you have stopped reading… well you’re not seeing this so whatever.

Anywho, to the weigh in part of Sunday. When I woke up early, I decided to weigh in to see where I was at. I weighed in at 248.5 which was frustrating to begin with because it was a gain from the day before. However, as you can see by the picture, slowly through out the day I lost a total of 8 pounds. For the week, I lost 9.2 pounds. Now, does that count? I guess it does. I mean, it actually happened so I guess it counts. Here’s the way how I’m rationalizing it: I had gained 8 pounds during the Thanksgiving trip to Texas and since most of that was retained water and stuff like that and since at one point last week I was already back down to 242, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that I’m pretty much back where I was from before the trip. I know that sounds crazy, but that’s my theory and I’m sticking to it.

So yesterday, I didn’t have an appetite at all so I drank as much water as I could stomach and that was about it. I finally tested the waters so to speak this morning and I had two waffles and I was okay.


Lunch: I had brought a Smart One for lunch, but the idea of Mexican food was not jiving with my stomach so I bought some Fruit Loops at Circle K. I wanted some Cheerios, but they didn’t have any. However, a whole container was surprising pretty good for you. It was only 3 points so that worked and a good thing to know for the future because I usually get a 6 point snack from there that isn’t near as good.







Dinner: After I got my appetite back around 6:00, I was starving! Through out the day I was having a craving for cheese pizza (for some random reason) so we went to Pizza Hut for dinner. We got some breadsticks too and I had about four slices on thin crust awesomeness. It’s more than I usually try to eat, but considering I hadn’t eaten anything for 24 hours I thought I would be alright.

From the aftermath of this weekend, I have a lot to think about regarding what I put in to my body. I thought that Megan being sick gave me a “get of out eating the same ol food” card, which came back to bite me in the butt. It made me realize that I need to getting back to treating my body better by giving it the right fuel like I was when I first started this whole diet thing. I know how to do this, so why not do it? See ya tomorrow.


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