Day 431: Tuesday Stuff

What up!

I have almost lost my mind. Yes ladies and germs it is once again finals time… well kind of. My awesome professor decided to put his final on the last day of class instead of during finals week and although it frees up my next week to study for other classes, right about now I’m not digging the idea. It stinks and I hate it. Anywho, so I am taking a study break to blog and decompress a little. I really wish my brain worked like a scanner where I could look at something, memorize it, and WHABAM! A+. Oh yeah, that’s called a photographic memory. Unfortunately this self-diagnosed dyslexic test anxiety kid does not have that luxury. My strategy? Put the note cards up my nose and pray I don’t sneeze and paper cut my nasal passages. (What am I even talking about at this point? Who reads this crap?)

Anyways, I finally really have my appetite back and I’m slowly back to full hydration (aka clear pee) after the weekend from the hot place (and yes, I mean South Florida) so today food wise was pretty good, but I’m planning on being completely back on the weight loss bandwagon by tomorrow.

Breakfast: I had a bowl of Grape Nuts which was a pretty filling breakfast as usual. Nothing too exciting there.

Lunch With FSU’s Finest: So funny story… I have a class inside a part of Doak Campbell Stadium (yes, my school is better than yours) and I usually wait for my afternoon class in this one open room. It’s usually pretty quiet, nothing too exciting ever happens in there, until today. I was eating my leftover cheese pizza from last night and all of the sudden from the hidden wing of this room I hear Jimbo Fisher’s classic southern accent that could melt any Southern Belle (including this Southern Belle OH MY LANDS! I HAVE THE VAPORS!) It was the one and only Jimbo Fisher! He was holding a press conference about the upcoming bowl game and recapping the season. The PR side of me loved how he handled the press (he asserted authority and controlled the conversation) and the fanboy side of me loved what he had to say about the season. It made for an entertaining lunch.


Dinner: I took a study break and made dinner. Cooking really centers me, if anything it just takes my mind off of the rest of the day. Anyways, tonight I made spaghetti with turkey Italian sausage and onions. I used Butterball Italian Sausage (which has less calories and fat than Jennie-O) and our favorite Spinach and Cheese spaghetti sauce from H-E-B in Texas. (And the answer is yes, I would move back to Texas in a heartbeat just for H-E-B. And if you are reading this H-E-B, I would love to run your Multicultural Marketing department and you would only have to pay me in Central Market brand peanut butter and spinach and cheese spaghetti sauce. Oh yeah, and fresh tortillas. Wow this is a long tangent.) Anyways, I also used whole wheat angel hair pasta that made it all the more awesome. Overall, it was a successful meal!

So food wasn’t that bad at all today. I did have a few caramel Quaker rice crisps (which taste exactly like caramel corn!) and they are like 2 points for 13 crisps. I’ll probably have a few more of those before the night ends (which is not in sight sadly to say.) See ya tomorrow. Wish me luck.




2 thoughts on “Day 431: Tuesday Stuff

  1. I’m sorry to hear that you were sick, glad it’s over now. And for the record, photographic memory is not always helpful (speaking from experience). 🙂 Good luck on exams!

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