Day 434: Friday But You Are Really Reading This Saturday Edition

Why hello my favorite reader (everyone thinks I’m talking to them, but I’m really talking to you…)

Sorry yesterday Thursday didn’t happen, but I can proudly say that I went to TCBY yesterday and didn’t have a single topping on my froyo! WHABAM! Just another small step to cut calories and drop some pounds! On the other hand, it has kind of been a crazy week food wise. Between my body recovery from Purgefest 2K11 on Sunday and the week before finals being totally bananas. We have eaten out a lot and I haven’t made the best decisions while being out and about. I’ve been taking the comfort food route this week, but about halfway through this week I realized I don’t want that in my body. It was a wake up call that I needed to do better and to finish out this week strong. Even if I don’t lose a ton this week, I’m going to have a lot more time to work out during finals week which will be awesome. Should be a good week (except for all the test crap.)

Breakfast: I just had a bowl of Cheerios which was delicious. (Who doesn’t love Cheerios? If you don’t like them don’t respond because I still want to be your friend.)

Lunch: Today, I found out how to make frozen meals bearable when you eat them almost every day. After I microwaved my lasagna florentine smart one, I microwaved some 40 calorie broccoli and cheese pack and then put it all on a plate. It looked like a real meal! It also helped that it tasted delicious (that always helps.)

Snack: I had a couple of servings (code word for handfuls) of Quaker caramel rice crisps. They were fantastic.




Dinner: Before we made our way to Thomasville for the Victorian Christmas Festival, we went to Jimmy John’s for dinner. I had the Beach Club, which was swelltastic. Plus, they gave me Picklezilla! Another win at the JJ.






Thomasville Trip: Tonight, our young pros ministry from church decided to head up to Thomasville, Georgia for their annual Victorian Christmas. People were all dressed up in their Victorian garb (we weren’t because we’re normal) and needless to say it was quite an experience. It did make me miss living in a small town because you could really feel the community spirit in the air. Anyways, there were plenty of street vendors with a smorgasbord of awesome fair-like food. We went with the classic kettle corn which was delicious, but definitely addicting. I was still able to maintain my eating composure though which was good. I also had a BBQ sandwich and then some coffee from my favorite coffee place around: Grassroots Coffee. It was awesome as well.

So today was pretty good overall. Tomorrow (or today pending on your timezone), I’m going to lay out my New Year’s resolution. A lot of times people  (like the old me) would say “I’ll start losing next week” and then still act the same way up until that point. That is not the right way to do it. Once you make that decision in your heart, the rest of your body needs to follow suit and get it together! Anyways, so get stoked about that. I hope you’ll like it. See ya tomorrow.


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