Day 442: The Saturday After the Madness


and it feels amazing.

This week was full of stress and frustration, but it is over and Winter Break is finally here. Sorry I wasn’t able to blog this past week, but it seemed like most of you enjoyed the my initial weight loss post! Anyways, so this week overall was pretty good food wise. I also got some really good workout time in before Leach closed on Friday for the break. The weather in Tallahassee has been ridiculous the past few days (it was almost 80 today!) So I’m going to try to capitalize on that with a run or some awesome physical activity outside. Hooray for global warming!

Breakfast: This morning I just had a bowl of cheerios. We actually got to sleep in today so by the time we got up it was close to lunch so a small breakfast was okay.

NSV: Today, I went and got my hair did at Regis in the mall (we had Groupons! Holla!) and although my new hairstyle was not my own choice (because of the cultural communication breakdown between the hairstylist and myself) it turned out okay. As I sat down in the chair and my butt fit comfortably without having to worry if I was going to fit or not, I remembered the time I sat down in an old barber’s chair when I was in high school and I barely fit. Flabs of me were squishing out like one of those play-doh mold thingies. Morris, the crazy old guy that used to cut my hair looked at me and said “Son you need to lay of the King sized meals!” I was slightly embarrassed, but I agreed with him. He wasn’t telling my anything I didn’t already know. I knew I needed to change so I could sit in a chair and be comfortable and not worry about it breaking. Well it took me seven years later to finally make a change, but with weight loss, it is truly better late than never.





Lunch: Alright now where was I? Oh yeah, so after shopping and fighting the crowds in the mall, we went to Black Bean Cuban for some lunch! I had the turkey cuban sandwich and a side of moros (black beans and rice cooked together in a marriage of deliciousness.) As you can see, it was a lot of food and I am still full from it. (Granted we did eat lunch at around 2.)





Dessert: So after fighting off more crowds, we decided to go to TCBY for some froyo awesomeness. I had a lot less froyo and a lot less toppings. The awesome blogger/TV host Hungry Girl suggests that if you are going to have toppings to get simple things like chocolate chips so I got snowcaps (which are chocolate chips with sprinkles) and some peanut butter chips. I usually put scoops full of toppings, but I’m getting back to containment and not overdoing it. Good stuff.

More Dessert: So sadly, grad school is wrapping up for some of my friends within me department. My good friend Chip Reed, the first person I met in my department, graduated this weekend so I went to his going away party and our friend Alex’s house (he is the one with the sick Mario stache on my FFK Facebook page.) Anyways, Alex’s mom had made her super awesome monster cookies and brought them to the party. I remembered their awesomeness from the Oklahoma game at their tailgate. (Yes, that was three months ago. They were that memorable.) I had three of them. They were epic.

Dinner: We just made some Lipton chicken noodle soup. Yum.

So I have been alright this week. I’m really hoping that it will show up on the scale. I guess we’ll see. See ya tomorrow.




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